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    Strategies for being a Sniper

    Another Thought Picking a location: Often times you can stand back in a room and not be really visable when looking out the window or door. You can snipe in safety of being shot, but be aware of people trying to sneak up on you. If you do sneak up on such a sniper, use the knife.
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    Battlefield 2

    Only Problem I'm much more interested in World War II as the setting. That's why I might not buy Battlefield 2 when it comes out.
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    New Tactic Tactic: I've been playing a lot of the Liberation of Caen scenario lately. I've noticed that Germans often take a bazooka guy and get on the motorcycle. They ride around and approach the rear of the tank. From the rear, you can single shot the tank. Counter-Tactic: Take a SMG...
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    Best Wargames of All

    Best Wargames 1. Panzer Leader (AH) - You never forget your first love. 2. War in Europe (SPI) - Nothing like 10 guys huddled around the ping-pong table. 3. The Battle of Bordino (GDW) - I think I also played an earlier edition. 4. Squad Leader (AH) - first three scenarios played...
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    What's you favorite Game Company?

    I'm a Fan of Clash of Arms I think my favorite gaming company isn't necessarily the best. I happen to love the Napoleonic period of warfare. As someone once noted, "The Age of the Military Tailor." Clash of Arms has made some of the prettiest games ever. Their art work on the counters are...
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    What was your Favorite Monstergame--and Why?

    That Sounds Right Tom, Gleam of Bayonets sounds right. Had a chit system where you pulled chits to activate the Union commanders. Absolutely hated having 3/4 of my troops standing around watching the battle. I think I've played War Between the States (SPI) a number of times. My friends...
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    Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

    What a Great Set of Gamers I must say that I had a ton of fun. Got in about a game and a half of Britania. I didn't do so well as the Green player in the first game. I was doing much better as the Blue side in the second game. We had to call the second game a tie at 1 am. I would...
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    Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

    Looking Forward I'm looking forward to that Friday night soon.
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    Wargaming likes & dislikes

    What do you like about the wargames you've played? And what do you dislike? I like wargames that teach me something I didn't know about a conflict. I also like clever design work. I don't like wargames that are not effective simulations of what occurred. Do you have a favorite war or...
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    European Theater of Operations (Any Advice?)

    Excellent Make sure you add me to your list of playtesters. Looking at this game and thinking back over time, the greatest challenge for any of these games is to balance the Russian Campaign. I think the Russians look hopelessly weak in this game. I don't see much chance of the Allies...
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    What was your Favorite Monstergame--and Why?

    Monster Games They asked about favorite Monster Games. I've actually played quite a few big games over time. I played a lot of World in Flames. If you didn't add too many of the add-ons, this game was very playable by two people. However, I absolutely hated the new maps in the latest...
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    European Theater of Operations (Any Advice?)

    Yes, I Know Yes, I'm know that Decision Games has Advanced ETO out ($110 retail). However, they only have the old ETO game developed for Vassal. Therefore, we will be playing the old version. Actually, the old ETO should make a good game to play by computer. Less pieces, fairly...
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    European Theater of Operations (Any Advice?)

    I put my name up on a wargame opponent finder and someone contacted me. We are about to play the SPI/TSR 1990 version of European Theater of Operations (ETO). This will be using a Java Engine called Vassal. I've played War in Europe, Krieg, and World in Flames. Some how I missed playing...
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    What was your Favorite Monstergame--and Why?

    Favorites 1. War in Europe - I loved playing this game, but always thought the Russian were a bit too weak. 2. Terrible Swift Sword. 3. La Battaile games. I've always had this dream of renting a huge space when I retire and setting up Grand Europa. To play that whole game through...
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    What Operational-Level System Do You Like Best?

    Grand Europa Ah, to have the entire Europa series set up in one location. 20 dedicated gamers attempting to re-create the entire war. That was always my dream for retirement.
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    Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

    Yes Indeed Yes, that's Britania... Love that old game.
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    Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

    I had hoped that would be the case... Yes, I was aware that Origins was the week after. Unfortunately, the travel plans worked out to be the week earlier. I went to Origins a couple of years ago. I found that the convention had changed somewhat. I saw a lot less wargaming and much more card...
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    Battlefield: Vietnam Mod Development - Inquire within!

    Might Be Able to Help You know what might work well. If you took scenarios from The Third World War by John Hackett or Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. This would give you the narative and a basic story concept to go with your scenarios. From there, you could work up a spot on the real world...
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    Board Wargames vs PC Wargames

    Board Gaming There is nothing in the world like sitting across the table from someone and playing a board game. I'm not sure I have the exact quote, but the question was: What is best in life? To crush your enemy, to drive them before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women...
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    Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

    Coming to Visit I'm coming to visit. I just have to talk my wife into a little visit to Columbus. I'm already scheduled to attend a wedding in Indianna on the 19th. I'm schedules to spend the week in Port Clinton before the wedding. Columbus would involve spending the night on the floor...