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  1. Gwinnell

    DN1 Prelude Chabrehez Question

    Am I reading too much into this? The balance provision for the Germans is to 'exchange one PzII with one Pz38t'. There is only one PzII in the German OB. Should there be more? Am I missing the relevance of specifying ONE PzII?
  2. Gwinnell

    Night rules question

    Playing 218 Siberia Diversion Does a cloaked unit loose cloaking and concealment if it attempts to move into a brush hex occupied by a HIP squad in a trench? Thanks in advance.
  3. Gwinnell

    Operation Barbarossa by Nigel Askey

    This may have been asked before but does anyone have a view on this book? It seems marvellous, but is it? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.