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  1. kawaiku

    How Do You Distinguish Americans?

    Came across this on Youtube. Mildly interesting and spot on about what college kids wear to class haha...
  2. kawaiku

    The Order: 1886 - A Beautiful Failure

    I watched someone I know play this game and Angry Joe totally nails it. It's a gorgeous, well produced game and in all honesty, after watching someone play it, it would have been better as a mini-series or something and just leave out the gameplay.
  3. kawaiku

    New 'Alien' movie with Neill Blomkamp Confimred

    Errrr... seems like the wildely successful Alien Isolation gave Fox the confidence to o.k. this movie since they did partner with Creative Assembly to make the game. I hope Neill is aware of the reasons behind Isolation's success and doesn't muck about too much with this new one. So a couple of...
  4. kawaiku

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (Trailer)

    So, here is the teaser for Star Wars. I've gotta say, see the Millennium Falcon again is... pretty awesome.
  5. kawaiku

    Dragon Age Lore

    So, before I drove home from work today I decided to find a youtube video that would enlighten me about Dragon Age's lore. Why? Well, I enjoyed the hell outta watching a let's play of Origins and began watching Dragon Age 2 and then just started watching Inquisition earlier today. I have to say...
  6. kawaiku

    Skullkickers - A Fantasy Hack 'n Slash Bucket Full 'o Blood 'n Laughter

    I've been reading the physical volumes of this series and have been enjoying a nice bit of fantasy humor, action, and all around brain-clicked off enternainment. I recommend anyone with time to kill to check it out :) Skullkickers Volumes I-IV online. Enjoy!
  7. kawaiku

    Star Trek - Prelude to Axanar

    Never really followed Star Trek but this is friggen awesome and I wish more science-fiction series followed this type of format. I hope we see more video/movies similar to this. It might actually get me interested in the Star Trek Universe.
  8. kawaiku

    Star Wars: Rebels

    Some trailers: (Personally, the best trailer so far and really got me on board with wanting to see this....) My own doubts about the show: -The kid ignites the rebellion and totally ignores the...
  9. kawaiku

    Halo: Nightfall - Live Action Series

    Just came across a the first look trailer: It looks alright. I must say that I completely disagree about the article's opinion on "Forward Unto Dawn." I enjoyed the hell outta that mini-series. I don't know what the person was watching tbh lol.
  10. kawaiku

    Is Nintendo Dominating the Console Wars Still???

    So after I watched the Luigi's death stare video I scrolled down to see the comments (because lets face it, Youtube comments are highly entertaining) and came across an interesting discussion... I think I stated this before somewhere here, but Nintendo is the only gaming company that still...
  11. kawaiku

    Luigi's Death Stare

    So I was looking at some artwork on DeviantArt when a husband-wife comic team put one of their main characters together in a stare down compilation and mentioned the inspiration from Mario Kart 8 and Luigi's death stare. Having never heard of this yet, I Googled and then youtubed. Enjoy
  12. kawaiku

    Entire Star Wars The Clone Wars series out on Netflix including the episodes from S6

    It's all there, seasons 1-6. Season 6 was already well underway when Disney canned it and it has and still causes an uproar as the show was seriously hitting its stride. Anyway, here is the Season 6 trailer: For those who...
  13. kawaiku

    Detroit on Fire

    Someone suggested I watch a documentary called "Burn", produced by Dennis Leary after being given a link to the documentary below. Granted, I really do not fully understand the entire situation going on in Detroit but this documentary is incredibly eye opening. For those that own a Netflix...
  14. kawaiku

    Godzilla: The King is Back!

    You have been warned
  15. kawaiku

    Adventure Time

    So, the other day I finally got myself a Netflix account and being the anime/cartoon watching person that I am I began surfing their collections. While I was browsing I remembered that there was one cartoon currently airing that seems to be incredibly popular. It is called Adventure Time which...
  16. kawaiku

    R'ha [Short Sci-Fi Movie]

    So I just randomly stumbled across this little short film while scrounging through Kerberos' forums trying to find out what happened to Sword of the Stars II. Needless to say... this short movie is amazing. Just watch.
  17. kawaiku

    Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation

    Hey everybody, So, I was at Fanime Con this past weekend and sometime between 10-12pm I was watching a show called "Anime Hell" which was essentially a montage of dozens of random clips found around the internet and put together, usually comedic or weird in nature. One of the clips that...
  18. kawaiku

    Ni No Kuni

    This game was released in late January for the PS3 as an exclusive game. Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, the studio behind the Miyazaki films, collaborated for this game that just looks amazing. I may actually pull the trigger to finally buy a console of the current generation JUST so I can play this...
  19. kawaiku

    Prometheus, Dog or Not?

    I'm excited, I'm hoping this turns out like a solid S.F. movie.
  20. kawaiku

    Radioactive Wolves

    I was browsing Comcast's On Demand this morning and stumbled upon a really cool program in their History & Nature section. It is about wildlife inhabiting the exclusion zone in Belarus and Ukraine. It follows scientists as they study the wildlife that has flourished in the zone after human...