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  1. PabloGS

    The Battle of Manila 1945

    Very dramatic scene, great choice. Hope it works. Looking at Rocco's website I see one of his art was used as cover in one issue of Battles magazine.
  2. PabloGS

    Setting up limbered and hooked up

    Thank you. I thought so as well, but then a little voice in my head kept saying "cowtra, cowtra".
  3. PabloGS

    Setting up limbered and hooked up

    Hi. Can a gun set up in a scenario both limbered and hooked up to a truck also available in the OOB?
  4. PabloGS

    Ponyri completed....

    What about rules for placing decapitated heads from captured prisoners on the catapult. Surely they will create a negative morale modifier on the defenders, akin to the friendly OBA effect!
  5. PabloGS

    PROKHOROVKA! game on pre-order now at!!

    Preordered! It was pretty much the same to Chile from Advancing Fire and RitterKrieg, so went with the publisher.
  6. PabloGS

    ASL Player Ratings

    There is no fairness standard in tournaments, because skill is not evenly distributed. If there was a fairness standard every tournament would follow the same rules. And yeah life would be way easier.
  7. PabloGS

    What your ASL dollars can buy.....

    I think paying 10 bucks for the IIFT is a total rip-off. :) More seriously, in terms of analytical content (articles etc..) there are clearly diminishing returns, as there is a huge amount of stuff already written about ASL explaining tactics, rules, sleazes, etc... Sure there must be more to...
  8. PabloGS

    ASL Player Ratings

    They kept arguing about the skew of the Delphi dieroller.
  9. PabloGS

    ASL Player Ratings

    I heard you the first time.:)
  10. PabloGS

    A lifetime of ASL Items

    Sorry for your loss Stacy. Good luck with the effort, may your dad's ASL kit bring enjoyment to other gamers. I echo what some have said, maybe a local ASL can be kind enough to go through the collection to at least give a short assessment.
  11. PabloGS

    AP163 Dingoes At Damour - AAR

    Having finished one of these and close to the end of the other, now I understand what "Typical Andrew Rogers" means ;). A lot of firepower, mixed forces, and a super tight schedule. This means that the scenario will be fast, and furious, and that if the defender sets up too far forward it will...
  12. PabloGS

    ASL with AI?

    Really nice! The self-learning would be adjusting the probabilities of doing certain actions depending on the win/loss record of previous games.
  13. PabloGS

    AP163 Dingoes At Damour - AAR

    It is a good scenario no doubt. I simply missed the deadliness of the overruns by the British AFVs. If they come where your gun is not it is trouble. Now I am starting AP175 Forest Gumm and AP169 Beast have Arrived.
  14. PabloGS

    AP163 Dingoes At Damour - AAR

    LOL it was a disaster. I lost half my force by turn 2. WIsh I had seen your AAR before playing!
  15. PabloGS

    Prokhorovka module progress?

    Well if they posted a video about it ten days ago I would be hard pressed to think that it has been shelved.
  16. PabloGS

    AP163 Dingoes At Damour - AAR

    Thanks for the write up! I am currently playing this by email, and I went with the full forward defense with the Vichians. We will see what happens.
  17. PabloGS

    Assistance buying a tablet for eASLRB

    How do you manage to split the windows of VASL? Nice!
  18. PabloGS

    What are some useful questions to ask yourself at the end of a player turn?

    "Wait, is it now my turn or this other guy's turn??"
  19. PabloGS

    ASL Player Ratings

    I think one should consider the balance between the cost/hassle for the devoted volunteers that have done this, and the potential issues that may arise from having, maybe, someone skew their rating temporarily by playing a lot of ASLSK against less experienced opponents. I just cannot see this...
  20. PabloGS

    Hollow Legions, 3rd Edition now available for preorder!

    Indeed. Agony at Arnautovo in particular is excellent.