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  1. Double Deuce

    The Forgotten War in SASL

    I didn't come across anything in the forums here and was wondering if anyone has worked up any Generation Tables/Charts to bring this module into SASL. I don't think there was ever an official Chinese Communist SASL chart so may be starting from scratch?
  2. Double Deuce

    Mission #1: 3 Co/1 Bn/310 Rgt/8 RD Campaign [SASL CG - Poland 1939]

    Mission #1 – Tkachy, Poland. September 17, 1939 Mission Parameters Type: Patrol (8) Mapboard Selection: A8* * The specific {A8} table used for all boards is determined by random dr. Weather: Clear, EC are Very Dry (+2) with a Mild Breeze to the Northwest (at start). FRIENDLY: 3 Co/1 Bn/310...
  3. Double Deuce

    3rd Co, 1st Bn, 310th Rifle Regiment, 8th Rifle Division: SASL CG- Sept 1939 – July 1941

    Since it's been a long time since I played one of these, I figured I'd give it another go. Also, rather than go with the standard SASL Russian Rifle Company 1938-11/41, I am using the one listed in Michael Dorosh's, 'Scenario Designer's Handbook'. This will leave me considerably short some...
  4. Double Deuce

    Old Monkeys with Typewriters content criteria

    I have searched the forums but cannot seem to locate any threads (or posts) that list the design criteria for any of these previous contests. I am finding all the general discussions and completed submission threads but nothing that details the specifications that were set for them. I am...
  5. Double Deuce

    Larger Scale SASL Missions

    Doing some research for another project and started wondering about how feasible it would be to try running a Battalion size unit as the FRIENDLY force (for a single Mission). Would obviously require a Mission rewrite/modification due to the size of the forces involved and maybe tailored more...
  6. Double Deuce

    Germany (Double Deuce) vs Soviet Union (Error21) Sep 1941 Pbem AAR

    OK guys, what are my chances here. I have 1000 points to build a force (limited to 200 points for armor, artillery and aircraft) and "advance" against the Soviets who have 500 points (limited to 100 points for armor, artillery and aircraft). The date is September 1941. I have 15 turns to take...
  7. Double Deuce

    Design Guidance Needed

    I'm in the early stages of creating some scenarios for TOAW III and have a few questions. How well does TOAW III model battles using Platoon/Company size units and 2.5 km hexes. Does the smaller scale impact playability or is it handled as well as larger Battalion(+) sized units? I guess my...
  8. Double Deuce

    CAMPAIGN AAR - Rebel Company in Nigeria - Dec/06-Jan/07 - Warning: Many Screenshots

    USER GENERATED CAMPAIGN - WinSPMBT 3.0 START DATE: December, 2006 END DATE: January, 2007 PLAYER 1: Red (Rebels) PLAYER 2: Nigeria (AI) PLAYER 3: Nigeria (AI) PLAYER 4: United Nations (AI) # BATTLES: 8 PREFERENCES: All ON (except Fast Artillery) DIFFICULTY: Normal CORE FORCE: Rebel Company...
  9. Double Deuce

    Iran (Skirmisher) vs Iraq (Double Deuce) 1985 Pbem AAR.

    Meeting Engagment (2000 pts/1 air) Iran (Skirmisher) vs Iraq (Double Deuce) 1985 Contact on Turn 1. More info to follow. :smoke:
  10. Double Deuce

    WinSPMBT - RPG - Test Scenario!

    OK, for those interested in trying to run a single man unit (player character in role-playing game terms) please stay tuned to this thread. How it Works: Each player essentially creates you own character (1 man unit). You pick a nationality and unit type infantryman, scout, sniper...
  11. Double Deuce

    Playtesters Wanted - Island Civil War - Hypothetical

    I am currently running a Multiplayer Game using SPMBT (Steel Panther's Main Battle Tank) and decided to make an ACOW Scenario based on the campaign. It is fairly small (25-30 units per side) and 20 turns long. Here is the situation;ISLAND CIVIL WAR Hypothetical Civil War on a small island...
  12. Double Deuce

    AAR - Sacrificial Lambs (Korea) Spoiler

    SPOILER PAST THE 1ST POST! SACRIFICIAL LAMBS (#2 in Wild Bill Wilder's SPWAW Korea Series) NK Advance vs. US Army Delay Chonan, South Korea 1400, July 8, 1950 Turns: 15 Scenario Size: Medium Scenario Designer: Wild Bill Wilder Version: SPWAW 8.3 Designer Notes: Don't expect to win this...
  13. Double Deuce

    AAR - Buying Time with Blood (Korea) Spoiler

    SPOILER PAST THE 1ST POST! BUYING TIME WITH BLOOD (#1 in Wild Bill Wilder's SPWAW Korea Series) NK Assault vs. US Army Defend Near Osan, South Korea 0900, July 5, 1950 Turns: 18 Scenario Size: Medium Scenario Designer: Wild Bill Wilder Version: SPWAW 8.3 Designer Notes: What is presented here...
  14. Double Deuce

    NATO vs WP Scenario Search!

    I'm working on a new Combat Campaign using SPMBT for the tactical battles and could use some good Operational level information. Can anyone here point me to or recommend where I can find an ACOW Scenario to use as the background/foundation? I am looking for Southern Germany, mid 1980's. Any...