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  1. PabloGS

    Setting up limbered and hooked up

    Hi. Can a gun set up in a scenario both limbered and hooked up to a truck also available in the OOB?
  2. PabloGS

    Brain fart Q

    Is it me mistaken or are leaders considered Elite for HoB purposes?
  3. PabloGS

    Questions on VASL 6.6.0

    Hi, just upgraded to VASL 6.6.0 and VASSAL 3.4.3. All is going smoothly, but a few quirks which I am sure are my fault/ignorance: - The font seems to have increased, and thus I don't see the whole bar of counters on top. How can I fix this? - What happened to the Ctrl-left click "Here" thingy...
  4. PabloGS

    Question on Daisy Chains

    There is this Q&A: B28.531 Assuming road rate is not being used. Can a vehicle avoid Daisy Chain attacks by the player simply stating that he is not using the road when crossing a road hexside? Same question .. if crossing a non-road hexside entering a road hex? A. The Daisy Chain attacks...
  5. PabloGS

    Question on Amphibians and LCs

    Preparing for Red Bloody Beach, so questions obviously pop up. Just want to make sure my rationale is right below: G13.43 states that all water between a reef and the Beach is considered shallow-Ocean. G13.431 states as an EXC that LC may not enter a Submerged reef, but may beach on one of its...
  6. PabloGS

    Amphibious markers in Vassal

    Hi, is there a Sea Wall and Reef markers in Vassal? Just cannot seem to find any. Thanks.
  7. PabloGS

    Why ASL is crazy fun: an Anecdote

    Instead of getting into a similar thread on this I started a new one. Situation is the end turn of J159, Tropic Lightning, designed by the Bongiovannis. Lots of fun things going on, maybe material for a future story, but it boils down to the CC phase of the last American turn. Americans need to...
  8. PabloGS

    FrF-6 Hundred Rounds question

    Hi. SSR2 in this scenario states that every Russian AFV must "set up at most two hexes away from all other Russian AFV.". Does this mean that there must be at most one hex between Russian AFVs or two hexes between Russian AFVs? No entiendo, sorry. Thanks!
  9. PabloGS

    C5.1 Case A and C6.51 Tracking acquisition

    Hi. A unit about to start its move is acquired by a turreted AFV. It moved one hex and stops, the tank tracks it, shifting its TCA one hexspine. Does the +1 from Case A apply in the DFPh? C5.1 states that the +1 (for a fast turret for instance) applies for fire during that phase. So clearly it...
  10. PabloGS

    Aerial attack vs AFVs

    Hi. The situation is as follows. Stukas are considering making a Point attack on a group of moving, concealed, French AFVs. E.72 states that "A unit moving in Open Ground would not be considered concealed to the aircraft,...." Does this imply that the Aircraft is allowed to use the -2 drm for...
  11. PabloGS

    What does CE: RT+1 mean on the back of the FT-17 tanks?

    Subject says it all. Thanks!
  12. PabloGS

    Can I get a dr please?

    Actually two dr's, one called up another called down. Thanks!
  13. PabloGS

    Help with VASSAL setup

    Hi! I am trying to setup WO19 Through the Dragon's Teeth, but the Beach and Ocean overlays are a pain and I cannot find how to place them properly. Any hints? Thanks!
  14. PabloGS

    Best KW mid-size scenario?

    I am very excited to be planning for a ftf ASL game come in February (as most/all of my gaming is through VASL you can understand the feeling), and I want to try a mid-sized, combined arms Korean war scenario. What are good suggestions? Either from the KWASL module or from TPP packs. Thanks!
  15. PabloGS

    I need 2xd6

    Please, for scenario and side selection. Two separate d6 rolls. Thanks!
  16. PabloGS

    Line in the Sand SSR

    Hello. The Line in the Sand SSR’s specify that players pick (in case of doing the mini CG) or roll (in case of playing individual scenarios) for extra OB’s from three tables. It makes sense that for the CG the picks are made simultaneously, but are they revealed before setup? Likewise, if...
  17. PabloGS

    J174 Heart of Athena

    Hi. In this neat scenario SSR3 states the following: SSR3. GAZ-MM trucks are Ammo Vehicles (E10.) that must set up in road (not Narrow Street B31.1) hexes and can only cross road (not Narrow Street) hexsides, but can end their MPh in an enemy AFV's hex. Partisans may Detonate (E10.5; German...
  18. PabloGS

    Making historical terrain into hex grid and contours

    Hi! I am foolishly thinking of dipping a toe into the waters of HASL design. I have good sources, good maps, a nice screenshot of the historical area with 20 meter countours courtesy of Google Maps, and now come a few hard parts: 1- Looking at the KGP1 maps, it seems 10m per level is a...