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  1. Srynerson

    Squad Leader Invades Wikipedia

    OK, so which one of you guys has been editing the Wikipedia entry for "Fire for Effect"? :hush: /:laugh:
  2. Srynerson

    WW II Relics on Kiska

    A new "Atlas Obscura" post on Slate features recent photos of artifacts on Kiska. I'm amazed at what good condition the rubber soles of Japanese footwear are still in.
  3. Srynerson

    Pro-Russian Insurgents Try to Start WWII-era Tank

    Apparently when the Soviets put tanks on display, they don't render the engines completely inoperable....
  4. Srynerson

    US Army Redesigns Smoke Grenades

    To make the smoke less toxic. Perhaps we need the smoke rules re-written so that if a unit moves through three consecutive smoke hexes it has to make a TC against developing cancer?