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  1. Chris Bryer

    Has anyone ever designed a scenario with Finns vs...

    Japanese? Wouldn't that be an interesting matchup, even if ahistorical (to my knowledge)
  2. Chris Bryer

    PB Only in OG?

    Yes, I know...COWTRA. But somehow, I am quite sure that 'pillboxes' were setup in inside factories in Stalingrad. It's the game, but just seems so ahistorical to me. It just seems strange to me that 2 hexes away inside a factory it's just +2 all the time barring smoke.
  3. Chris Bryer

    SQ in a bldg behind a hedge...

    If a squad inside a bldg, behind a hedge, fires on an enemy HS that moves adjacent (behind the hedge in OG) is it a -2 shot? I thought that since the firer is inside the bldg then the mover gets automatic WA when he is in OG behind the hedge. Is this the case or am I missing something...
  4. Chris Bryer

    Armored Assault - Burning wreck questions

    Maybe I am missing something... If a moving AFV with MMC/SMC/SW underneath is burnt by a Schreck. Are these units considered Vulnerable PRC and therefore subject to a Specific Collateral Attack? They are 'underneath' using the +1 tem but not sure.
  5. Chris Bryer

    A question about pillboxes and Sewers in RF

    On the RB map, hex T37 there is a sewer as per the rule with 3 hexsides being crossed by a road. If a PB is placed there can it's occupants use sewer movement to escape to another sewer location 3 hexes or less away without exiting the PB? Thanks!
  6. Chris Bryer

    Is a foxhole ADJACENT to a Trench attached for movement purposes?

    In other words can I move in without first exiting the FH?
  7. Chris Bryer

    Snap Shot Question

    in the attached pic, the russians in V2 are a 227 HS with a German LMG on L1 and another 227 HS on L0. The 467 you see in X2 just moved from W2 to X2. The question is, would the DFF shots take be at PBF on the snapshots taken while crossing the W2/X2 hexside? Also, if he is pinned, where is...
  8. Chris Bryer

    HMG rolls a 12 while firing at a broken, non-DM mmc...

    Does the MMC go DM?
  9. Chris Bryer

    Pre-game concealment stripping question

    Can a dummy stack on a roof strip an opponents non-dummy stack on another roof within LOS during the pregame? Thanks
  10. Chris Bryer

    VASL question on how to handle tunnel movement and Sewer movement

    Is it usual to HIP units that descend and then move them while HIP only to reveal them when exiting the sewer/tunnel exit? Does Pbem protocol differ than live vasl? Thanks!
  11. Chris Bryer

    HIP AT in underneath a trench counter...

    When this is setup in a woods hex is the Entrenchment itself revealed when that hex is within LOS of an enemy unit or when the gun fires? Thank you in advance!
  12. Chris Bryer

    Seeking a Pbem opponent for new RB1 One Down, Two to go

    Just what the title says. Open to playing live sometimes (if that is possible). I would like to play the Russians first and then do another RO game where I play the Germans. I can turn generally once a day or more depending on turn complexity. I am a player coming back so perfection is not to...
  13. Chris Bryer

    Encirclement and fanatic troops

    In Tractor Works, Russian troops in building X3 are fanatic. Does this make them immune to the effects of encirclement? Thanks!
  14. Chris Bryer

    Its a rebuild...

    Got this notice today from Gamer's Armory Fulfilment status:Shipped Payment status:Paid The Gamer's Armory 683-F Cary Towne Blvd. Cary, North Carolina, 27511 United States Phone: 919-238-4817 Item list Price Qty Total Beyond Valor (ASL Module 1)...
  15. Chris Bryer

    Assault Engi's in Scenario B, The Tractor Works?

    As I recall AE's had to be named by an SSR but the unit involved are clearly named as Company A, Assault Engineer Battalion 50. Sorry in advance if this was easy to find and I just didnt ;-)
  16. Chris Bryer

    Returning player seeks opponent in VASL PBEM and/or live

    It's been quite a while for me but I was a fair face to face player at one time. However, the bug is back and would love to find an opponent to learn and compete with. Better to keep it simple at the beginning and add vehicles after a couple of scenarios. Not picky as to whom or what...
  17. Chris Bryer

    Which versions of Vassal and VASL?

    Returning player after many years and would like to know what versions of each program people are using for online play at the moment. Thanks in advance!
  18. Chris Bryer

    Can offboard Vehicular reinforcements delay before coming onboard?

    The motion attempt dr is the reason I am asking this. Thanks in advance!
  19. Chris Bryer

    Is there a scenario with one of these?

    I am having a hard time breaking dug in lines ;-)
  20. Chris Bryer

    Is SW recovery a concealment loss activity?

    in LOS <= 16 hexes I think so but haven't found the specific rule. I feel rather newbish coming back after a long hiatus