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  1. Futbol

    conjunction what's your function?

    If victory conditions specify the words and/or what in ASL terms does that mean? i.e do both VC have to be fulfilled or one?
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    Modern to kill

    Just curious for fun what would some to kill numbers be for modern weapons such as RPG, Tow missile the MK19 and MG32 grenade launchers of course taking into account modern vehicles as well. Remember this is for...
  3. Futbol

    African American divisions in Advanced Squad Leader

    wow!!! we can find anything theses days
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    Latest MMP release

    that was un bear able!!!
  5. Futbol

    Will there Ever Be an Official 1947-49 Arab-Israeli War pack?

    I bet him 2 to 1 I'm smarter and more knowledgeable today than he will be 20 years from now. It's all good anyone can hide behind a keyboard the streets are a different story
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    updates on BFP

    thanks guys
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    Latest MMP release

  8. Futbol

    updates on BFP

    what's new with Bounding fire? Haven't seen much activity on their section new products?
  9. Futbol

    Will there Ever Be an Official 1947-49 Arab-Israeli War pack?

    I'll say this I bought CH Ponyri module (have not played it yet) but if and when MMP does their version I'll buy it and scrap the CH one. CH problem is nothing new just rehashed reprinted scenarios and modules. As for calling us idiots what has the accuser done to make the hobby better?
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    Pinned Topics

    pinned... half comments allowed/
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    Ponyri completed....

    siege catapults: A siege catapult is treated as per the gun rules. Requires a full squad to move and fire. or screw it make it off board artillery instead!!!
  12. Futbol

    Ponyri completed....

    Phalanx defense as well archer to hit table?
  13. Futbol

    So - how have the dice crushed you recently?

    final dice roll of game three 6-6-6 US squads and -1 leader vs one 4-5-7 Vichy squad in CC for control of a building of course I roll a 10 and Vichy win....
  14. Futbol

    what takes precedence?

    Probst you have a sneaky way of insulting people in your posts and this isnt the first what arrogance
  15. Futbol

    what takes precedence?

    situation. close combat between a Russian walking wounded 447 and a 8-1 leader versus 2 German 467 squads odds at 1-1 dice roll is a 5 which is cas reduction however ww squads receive minus 1 against it which makes final dice roll a 4 resulting in kill. question is if the Russian leader was...
  16. Futbol

    Maximum ROF limits

    we could think of ROF in terms of burst fire that is.. short intermittent bursts which is what MGs really do anyway.. I like to imagine it like that, if no rate perhaps the opposing side took good cover thus the gunner stops. If rate then perhaps the gunner still sees or thinks he sees the...
  17. Futbol

    Weapons breakdown

    speaking of breakdowns Forgotten War covers the ineffectiveness of the early Korean war bazookas simulating aged and obsolete ammunition so breakdowns can be a factor in as ASL scenario
  18. Futbol

    Critical Hit: Hill of Blood, Maxim Gorky

    Maxim Gorki was not bad just didnt understand or like the scenario taking place inside the fortress cant remember but it was the last or next to last one... overall ok
  19. Futbol

    What HASL map is this?

    I have a copy...played the scenarios pretty good little pack
  20. Futbol

    Weapons breakdown

    dont forget dud rounds! ex, critical hit with Panzerschrek resulted in a dud one time for me it happens too