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  1. heggieb

    Special Room Rate ($129) extend for SC Street Fighting Labor Day Weekend

    Guys the South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront Hotel has extended their special rate of $129 for another week or so. Please call 402-412-4102 and ask for Megan. You may have to leave a message but she will get back to you to confirm. We have had tremendous support for our con, too many...
  2. heggieb

    Scenario List for Street Fighting in Sioux City Labor Day Weekend Sept 4-5

    Attached in .pdf format is the Scenario List for the '21 FTF Street Fighting Tournament. Registration at 9 AM Saturday Sept 4. Lots of prizes, great support from many vendors, $100/$50/$25 for 1st-3rd or merchandise worth more than that. 3 Rounds on Sat, and up to 2 more on Sunday if...
  3. heggieb

    Street Fighting in Sioux City 2021 FTF Over Labor Day Weekend

    The 38th annual SL-ASL Tournament will be held on Sept. 4-5, 2021 at the Marriott South Sioux City Riverfront Inn (Marina Inn) 402-494-4000 in the Iowa Room. Registration at 9AM, Rnd 1 to start at 10 AM. We are getting a special rate of $129, thru Aug 14. Ask for Burnie Hegdahl Gamers to get...
  4. heggieb

    Russian AFV MA Gun Depression/Elevation ?

    Seems there is a rule or Q&A about Russ. AFV's not being able to depress MA besides C2.6, but I cannot find it. Sorry I know this has been posted before.
  5. heggieb

    Street Fighting VASL Tournament Coming in Nov

    Due to Covid our Tri State Con was cancelled over Labor Day Weekend, so we have decided to try a VASL Tournament instead. We will do 3-5 rounds with weekly turns for each round. We will use the new AREA ratings on the new site from Doug Rimmer- to make pairings. Prizes...
  6. heggieb

    Last Bid & Men of Steel on VASL Map?

    Has there been anyone crazy enough to try to do RB5 and RO5 combined. I am seeing a half hex overlap when the 2 boards [RB and RO] are butted together. Hope there is a cure for this. Thanks in advance. Burnie Hegdahl
  7. heggieb

    2019 Street Fighting in Sioux City over Labor Day Weekend

    The 2019 Street Fighting tourney is not quite in Sioux City this year, its just a few miles south of it in Sergeant Bluff, IA, at their community center. There are a good half dozen hotels within 3 or 4 miles of the location. This will be our usual 3 or 4 round tournament, single elim, with...
  8. heggieb

    Street Fighting in SC Info Sept 1-2

    Coming this Labor Day Weekend will be our 35th Annual ASL Tourney, starting at 10 AM on Saturday Sept.1st at the Delta Hotel Mariott Riverfront in South Sioux City NE. (402-494-4000), take the South Sioux City exit when you hit Sioux City on I-29; go to 385 East 4th Street,, South Sioux City...
  9. heggieb

    Rooftops B23.82 ?

    We are playing The Last Bid scenario, I am Ruskies and set up first. I have 36 ? to use. Do you have to use one of those to set up concealed on a rooftop. My interpretation of the rule in 23.82 is that I can set up with any unit concealed, whether on 1 1/2 or a 2 1/2 level, and not have to use...
  10. heggieb

    Street Fighting in Sioux City Scenario List

    Attached in an Excel SS are the scenarios for our 35th Annual ASL Street Fighting in SC Tourney. Again it will be held in the Marina Inn in South Sioux City, NE, now called "Delta Hotel South Sioux City Riverfront", 402-494-4000. We will start on Saturday September 1st at 10 AM sharp...
  11. heggieb

    Street Fighting in Sioux City this Labor Day Weekend Sept 1-2

    Our SF in Sioux City 2018 will again be at the Old Marina in (now called Delta Hotels by Marriott 855-213-0582). Again we will have a 3-4 round ASL Tourney starting on Saturday Sept.1 at 10AM sharp! Scenario list will be coming soon.
  12. heggieb

    AT Ditch [B27.56] with Pillbox in same location?

    We are starting a RB Scenario and my worthy opponent has set up in a paved road hex, with shell holes, which makes it legal to put an AT Ditch there, and he also has a pillbox there. Is it legal? If so, is the pillbox at ground level or is it in the bottom of the AT ditch?
  13. heggieb

    Still Time to Prereg for Street Fighting in SC

    Guys; There are still a few rooms left at $98 per nite at the Marina Inn (800-798-7980) and still time to preregister for the Con till August 25th. This coming Labor Day Weekend ASL will start at 10 AM Sat. morning Sept 2nd.. Hope to see you there!:)
  14. heggieb

    Enemy AFV entering Pillbox location

    Just wondering if we played this right. At first we thought A7.212 covered this, and that after the tank entered the PB hex, the occupants could not fire out of that hex. Then in B30.2 in the second to the last sentence it says "Fire from inside a pillbox into its own hex is limited to CC, or...
  15. heggieb

    Street Fighting in Sioux City-Labor Day Weekend

    Coming this Sept. 2-3rd will be our 34th Annual ASL Tournament. We will have at least 4 rounds of ASL. Lots of prizes, 1-3rd, most snakes, boxcars, and best sniper, as well as dice lottery prizes in each round. Again we are featuring BFP products as well as MMP, Lone Canuck, Schwerepunkt...
  16. heggieb

    Street Fighting in Sioux City 2017 coming soon..

    The 34th Annual "Street Fighting in Sioux City", ASL Tournament will be held over the Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2-3rd, 2017. Again it will be at the Marina Inn in South Sioux City, NE. Take exit 148 off of I-29, 605-798-7980. Again we will be part of Tri-State Gamers convention. More details...
  17. heggieb

    Overlay for U4 Climax at Nijmegen Bridge

    Going to be playing U4 on VASL soon and trying to set it up. There is no special overlay for board 3 on the VASL list. For this scenario I just need all hexes of hill 534 only are ground level woods. Anyone tackled this one on VASL? Thanks in advance for any input. Burnie
  18. heggieb

    Low Ammo & B# ?

    We are about to start a VotG scenario, he has the Germans, and the 75L Stugs have VotG 19 Ammo shortage penalty, which refers to A19.131 and D3.71. Won't his 75L Stugs start the game with a B# counter, meaning they will Malf. on an 11 and X the MA on a 12? If not then what is the case?
  19. heggieb

    Aiding the Local Constabulary ? VC's

    We are playing the 3 player AtLC Scenario and are wondering if the VC's mean control points at end of player turn or end of scenario. We are thinking that it is end of every player turn because of the VP Track going to 27 Points. Designers are Martin Hubley and Peter Struiff. We are also...