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    Looking for Campaign Opponent

    I'd be interested in a Peninsula campaign....I'll take the Yanks if you want to play as the South. Shoot me an email at
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    Looking for a game

    HPS Gettysburg? I'd be interested in a HPS Gettysburg scenario. I don't really have a Northern or Southern preference. How long a game are you looking for? I'm good for 4-5 turns a week, but something slower is fine with me, too. Shoot me over an email at -Rick
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    First Bull Run - Reb Sought . . .

    Coaling- I would also be interested in a scenario. I seem to be in the same boat as you....I was in the the ACWGC a few years back, but recently picked up Campaign Gettysburg and Campaign Peninsula, and would like to get back to playing real people instead of the AI. I'll send you over a...