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  1. Futbol

    conjunction what's your function?

    If victory conditions specify the words and/or what in ASL terms does that mean? i.e do both VC have to be fulfilled or one?
  2. Futbol

    Modern to kill

    Just curious for fun what would some to kill numbers be for modern weapons such as RPG, Tow missile the MK19 and MG32 grenade launchers of course taking into account modern vehicles as well. Remember this is for...
  3. Futbol

    updates on BFP

    what's new with Bounding fire? Haven't seen much activity on their section new products?
  4. Futbol

    what takes precedence?

    situation. close combat between a Russian walking wounded 447 and a 8-1 leader versus 2 German 467 squads odds at 1-1 dice roll is a 5 which is cas reduction however ww squads receive minus 1 against it which makes final dice roll a 4 resulting in kill. question is if the Russian leader was...
  5. Futbol

    red barricades differences old and new

    So, I'm preparing to play One down two to go from RB and I noticed something since I have new and old modules the original scenario is all on one side of the scenario card while the "newer" version covers two scenario cards yet with exact same OB, and rules. The difference I guess is is in...
  6. Futbol

    burning rubble

    ASL Rulebook B 24:6 mentions falling burning rubble anyone ever had this happen?
  7. Futbol

    weather oddities

    recently had 3 straight wind change dice rolls... in order words 3 consecutive dueces What's your strangest weather anomaly?
  8. Futbol


    Just curious what Bounding Fire hs in the 2021 pipeline....
  9. Futbol

    Night ASL suggestion

    Hi, everyone Happy new Year. Just thinking out loud. ASL has quite the counter collection so I only suggest this as an idea. I'm playing a DAGGER night scenario and thinking about gun flash counters. They already exist so my changes could be minimal on future batches. Each gunflash counter...
  10. Futbol

    chestnuts vol 2

    just wondering. Now that ASL has close to 90 'official' boards would it be time to revamp some of the original scenarios and some DASL ones as well. For instance I redid some classics, play tested them and they came out pretty good. I redid the Tiger of Toungoo played it twice and it was...
  11. Futbol


    in ASL scenario A12 Savoia there are two listed Italian Calvary groups yet only one is issued horse counters Was this an oversight? or meant to be? Is there an errata or no?
  12. Futbol

    MG vs LC

    An MG gets a hit on an armored facing on a landing craft and the result is a kill. Is that what happens? LC sunk? or are damage points figured? Not sure on this.
  13. Futbol

    landing craft

    Besides the ASL rulebook where can I find simplified landing craft rules and articles?
  14. Futbol

    1-2-7 what to do?

    So you lost an AFV and the 1-2-7 crew survives what would you do? Strategy, comments etc. Personally i like to use them for prisoner swaps freeing up other units what do you do?
  15. Futbol

    counter needed 2 we need a counter for this....describe it in counter form...
  16. Futbol

    Those dreaded two sided scenarios.

    I’m among those that don’t like two-sided two card scenarios and I believe most ASL players agree. Thus, two stimulate discussion about how we as players can brainstorm ideas to condense scenarios into one side format, especially for those scenarios which look as if they might be two-paged. I...
  17. Futbol


    wondering why we could not redo wire rules making them like panjis in terms of covered hexsides instead of entire hexes
  18. Futbol

    need scenario info

    Hi, who has good information on the 2nd battle of Rostov in July 42? I'm looking to make a 3 scenario mini pack on this battle. Have some info but need more especially info on the Slovak Unit that helped clear the city.
  19. Futbol

    Königsberg has arrived!

    Just got Konigsberg from Lone Canuck. Well done, counters are good and map is solid a lot like festung budapest but with rubble.... very good looking pack, bringing it to museumfest this weekend 17-19 in Michigan
  20. Futbol

    LC question

    quick answer needed MG hits LC MG to kill is 4 dice roll is 3 what happens? damage points or destroyed outright and sunk? Please help