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  1. dwardzala

    German and Russian Vehicle Counters from Hakkaa Paalle

    Are the German and Russian vehicle counters replacements for what's already in there or additional vehicle types? The Ch. H pages are not clear (the number is 1.1 for the T-27).
  2. dwardzala

    Another VASL Bug

    Not really game breaking but certainly annoying. The Start Up Wizard continues to show even after unchecking the box and completing the dialog (loading a saved game.) VASL 6.6.1
  3. dwardzala

    LOS Stringing Problem

    So this came up in a PBeM game today: Range with the tool on the map shown correctly at 6 hexes. Range reported in the chat window is 4. This also happened: Range is correctly shown in the map window as 8 and incorrectly as 4 in the chat window. Also, it does not pick up the woods or...
  4. dwardzala

    Surrendering SMC & LLMC

    Q. Does a leader, when he surrenders, invoke an LLMC on any MMC with a lower morale in its location who don’t surrender? Thanks. Dave Wardzala A. Belay that response. The correct answer is “No.” Sorry for the confusion. ....Perry MMP
  5. dwardzala

    VASL control/chat window not picking up first character typed from keyboard

    Running 6.6.1 but this goes back to 6.5.0 (I think). When I have clicked on the map window and then type in the chat, the first character is often but, not always, ignored (or at least doesn't show up in the chat.) If I click on the control window first, this doesn't happen. This is occurring...
  6. dwardzala

    VASL Log File error

    Gotten this "Unable to Write File Error" when trying to end a log file twice in two different games. I am using 6.6.1 and my opponent was using 6.6.0 (I think that was the same combo before too, but not sure). First time I was able to get a logfile to write after re-running the log. This time...
  7. dwardzala

    Question on Slopes, Hedges and Elevation Changes

    A question on the LOS affects of hedge/walls, slopes and elevation changes: On the Stoumont Map does a unit in X28 which is upslope to U30 have LOS to U30 even though there is a hedge on the V29/W29 hexside? (I think yes as hedges are only a half-level obstacle, but upslope is 3/4 level...
  8. dwardzala

    Intensive Fire in Defensive Fire

    Situation has come up in a game of mine (HI Jim): Panther fires MA in Defensive Fire Phase (not MPh) and is marked with a Final Fire marker. Said panther wants to rotate his turret and fire MA on another target 2 or more hexes away using intensive fire. Is this a valid shot? Applicable...