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  1. Thunderchief

    BRT LVT question

    BRT SSR 11 talks about a LVT not being automatically recalled due to it having no passengers. It also says a LVT (without passengers) in non-ocean hexes being recalled if they fail a crew NTC, which is taken at the start of the MPh. So...if that LVT on a beach hex prep fires, does it still...
  2. Thunderchief

    Overrun question and ROF

    A vehicle conducts an overrun and rolls 1,1. It has a MG MA ROF of 1. It leaves the hex where the attack took place, then moves adjacent to another enemy unit and stops, it does not have enough MPs to overrun the hex. Can the vehicle make a bounding fire attack vs this other enemy unit using the...
  3. Thunderchief


    My NZ mate Darryl and I started the Blood Reef Tarawa CG III Utmost Savagery last night (19-9-2021). I am the USMC and he is the IJA. We've played about 210 scenarios and 6 CGs (Edsons Ridge, OVHS, Gavutu/Tanambogo, KGP 2, KGP 4, Pegasus Bridge II) since meeting at ASLOK in 2003. Much of that...
  4. Thunderchief

    USPS not delivering to Australia

    From MMP's twitter account My guess is that due to the number of postal workers unable to work at the moment there's not much point sending goods to Australia as it will just add to the backlog. Just a guess though...
  5. Thunderchief

    Can't write log file - suggestions?

    I am running VASSAL 3.4.6 and VASL 6.6.1 and have just encountered a problem trying to write a logfile. I load my opponents log, start stepping through it, then commence my log, finish his moves, go through my actions then hit end log and get the following message VASSAL was unable to write the...
  6. Thunderchief

    BFP counter extension issue

    I have the latest BFP counter extension loaded into VASL (6.5.0) The German countermix tab has a PiF mini-tab in SMC, SW, Gun and Veh, but there's not one in Allied Minors for the PiF Polish leaders (10-0, 7-1 etc). The American vehicles are in there with BFP tabs, but the Japanese and Polish...
  7. Thunderchief

    CH VASL Maps has only a few of the CH VASL maps - is there a place where they can all be downloaded? I am specifically looking for Tigers to the Front and Battle of Bracchi Hills This link was posted in 2016 but still doesn't have all the maps...
  8. Thunderchief

    SAN TEM and bypass

    Is a vehicle in bypass deemed to have the in-hex TEM for the purpose of target selection? A14 doesn't mention bypass so I am thinking yes, since the vehicle is in the hex, but want to check.
  9. Thunderchief

    VASL PBEM Wanted

    I'm looking to play some scenarios (2 boards max size) from: BFP - Crucible of Steel LC - Wacht am Rhein (original pack - don't have 2nd Ed) HOB - Recon by Fire Mag #3 LFT - Mag#8 (Normandy)
  10. Thunderchief

    DDay 76 - presentations by historians

    Paul Woodadge will be hosting a Youtube event on 6 June (Normandy time), speaking with a large number of historians (including me!) and crossing to sites within Normandy. Check out the full listing and timings here:
  11. Thunderchief

    VASL PBEM wanted

    I'm looking for another VASL PBEM game. IFT. Max 3 boards or similar-sized HASL scenario. I own most products up until about 2018 and can do 3-4 logs a week. I'll be ready to start after 20 Feb, so let's get on with scenario selection....
  12. Thunderchief

    2019 Year in Review

    I had grand plans for 2019, I was going to start working on a HASL, and wanted to play about 80-90 games to help me achieve my "1000 games by 50" goal. Then I changed careers so those ideas went out the window, as did the potential to buy any of the new ASL releases. Not the end of the world...
  13. Thunderchief

    Close Combat 1,1 Question

    The following CC takes place during a PB CG scenario German 467wLMG, 467, 447 vs British 10-2/648wLMG and 9-2/338wPIAT 10-2/648wLMG attacks 467wLMG (rolls 1,4) = KIA 9-2/338wPIAT attacks 467 (rolls 1,4) = KIA All German units attack 9-2/338wPIAT (rolls 1,1) = KIA A 6+1 is generated by the...
  14. Thunderchief


    The first dice have been rolled. Adam Lunney as the North Koreans vs Darryl Lundy as the US in ASL 208 The Grist Mill. ASLOK HAS BEGUN!
  15. Thunderchief

    Australian Spitfires over Normandy - book by an ASL player

    I'm very proud to announce that my first book will be published later this year. Ready to Strike The Spitfires and Australians of 453 (RAAF) Squadron over Normandy by Adam Lunney This cover will probably be changed a little, but you...
  16. Thunderchief

    Finnish tank museum - Parola

    My wife and I will be in Finland in July and I have found the tank museum at Parola on the web - the reviews are good - does anyone here have an opinion they'd like to share? We (or maybe just I) will be going by train. Adam
  17. Thunderchief

    Visiting Helsinki - July 2018

    My wife and I will be in Helsinki for a few days in mid-late July - can any locals share some travel/sightseeing tips? Thanks if you can, Adam thunderchief at
  18. Thunderchief

    Bloody Red Beach

    Does anyone have a VASL map setup of Bloody Red Beach that they could share? I have found a few on the net but none seem to be compatible with VASL 6.4 Many thanks, Adam
  19. Thunderchief

    ASL events

    While I like the ASL events folder - it would be nice to have a list of events in one place such as: However, this has not been updated for more than a year - is there a new listing compiled anywhere?
  20. Thunderchief

    Sweden and Denmark

    My wife is thinking of a holiday for us to Sweden and Denmark, can some locals PM me so we could have a bit of a chat about travel advice please? Adam