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    ASLOK XXXV - Official TD AAR

    At least one other guy I know has tested positive for Covid today (although mild symptoms). I'll let him post here to officially announce anything.
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    PL campaign question

    PL 3.0 was only sold separately when it was first released. You might want to check the CH website to see its current status.
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    PL campaign question

    PL 2.5 had a lot of errata thru omission. PL2.5a had a bunch of corrections, as does PL 3.0.
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    Panther Line - what is in this product?

    For owners of Panther Line (upgrade to Tigers To The Front), I just discovered an errata to one of the special rules. In Special Rule #6, the reference to Russians should actually be Germans for the two Smoke FFE hexes. Owners of Tigers to the Front have that correction included already.
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    Dien Bien Phu campaign game

    This thread must be why I'm suddenly being contacted by people trying to purchase the 2nd ed. copies of this game. I'm glad for the renewed interest. I believe the 3rd ed. (which I don't own or sell) retails for $99, minus the usual CH discounts offered.
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    AAR - Rudder's Keystone - HP #5

    FYI, this is 4-2, in favor of the Americans on ROAR. Nice AAR!
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    Contacting Zombie ASL

    I believe I was one of his 'credited' playtesters, having played most, if not all of those scenarios. Feel free to post here or PM me, and I can try to answer your question. If I need to, I could also forward a question to Glenn.
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    Have you ever played a scenario from one of Critical Hit's GWASL World War One modules?

    They have their issues, but if you wish to recreate a different feel from WW2 ASL, this hits the spot. I really like the platoon movement rules, which force you to move in impulses. Tactics are different with avoiding stacking whenever possible. Big amoeba-like stacks to open fire on the enemy...
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    Looking for Tyrant's Lair errata/clarifications.

    IMHO, Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich, 2nd edition is the best. The 1st edition had errata issues, and 3rd edition had a series of unexplained changes made, and to my knowledge were unplaytested. Any version that came out afterward I'm unfamiliar with. Ditto for Tyrants Lair. I'm only familiar...
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    Looking for Tyrant's Lair errata/clarifications.

    Many years ago, I posted all Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich/Tyrant's Lair errata on the CH message board. I can not recall if I cross posted it on this forum. Sorry.
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    I'm not sure why it says that. I've played Hindenburg Line, and I was able to play it using only it plus my info counters.
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    First Wave at Omaha

    Just looking at that damned seawall gives me a cold sweat (and I was the Germans)! Did you guys ever finish?
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    I believe so, Bill. For example, if you play the French module/pack (#2) you would need the German counters and boards that came in the first (British) module/pack. IIRC, in order to play the American module/pack, you would also need the first pack (again for the German counters and boards)...
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    They vary, but none were small. Most of CH's GWASL scenarios are medium to large. Some are enormous, IMO.
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    Missing operation—First East Prussian Offensive

    There was also Sturmtruppen, a tournament-sized scenario set at the battle for Goldap, E. Prussia, in November of 1944. CH #134.
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    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    I've managed to play one or two out of each of them. All have been fun so far.
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    DBP16 Under Old Baldy - Radio or Offboard Observer?

    Yes, it is Crag (using CH's alternative art-work).
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    Red Factories countersheet errata?

    Thanks Chas! I already emailed that address and sent you a photo of the problem.
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    Red Factories countersheet errata?

    Has anyone else had any countersheets transposed? The front of RO #2 was transposed onto the back of RO #1.
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    I witnessed a few playtests of Coors during the last few days of ASLOK. The historical map seemed to be a popular item with folks. Thanks to Brian Martuzas for sharing with everyone.