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    HBO "The Pacific" DVD Box Set: Reviews?

    Did Santa drop the Pacific DVD or Blu-ray box set into anybody's stocking? Are the bonus historical features inside worth the price of admission? Thanks for the opinions!
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    New Xbox 360 Console Bundle for 2009?

    I'm just about ready to make a move on a XBox 360, but I can't stand the Holiday Bundle game titles. I couldn't be less interested in Lego Indiana Jones or Kung Fu Panda. Does MS plan to release a new group of bundled games with XBox 360 Pro consoles in 2009? Thx for your help!
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    XBox 360 Pro 60GB Console w/ Jasper GPU?

    Hi everyone, Does anybody have any latest word on when Microsoft will ship the new 60 GB version of the XBox 360 Pro console with a "Jasper" smaller GPU unit on the motherboard? I'm holding out on getting a 360 until these ship due to the heat management issues this machine is known for...
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    Copyright Discussion for Jim McLeod...

    Before the other thread was closed, Jim asked some Qs of the forum: No, in almost every country signing international IP protection treaties. Again, no. There seems to be a bit of a myth out there that copyright law is attached to commercial profitability and financial gain. It's not...
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    IFT or IIFT: Which Do You Like?

    Which infantry fire table do you find yourself preferring these days? For myself, I've been a strict believer in the IFT, based upon ease of memorizing each of its columns and knowing the respective result right off the dice roll. However, I've tried the IIFT w/ CTC variant lately just to see...
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    B8.6 Tunnel Setup

    I couldn't find any clarity with respect to this Tunnel setup Q in the current Perry Sez documents, or in B8.6: During setup, must both entrance Locations for OB-provided Tunnels exist inside the side's setup area? Or can one of the Locations be outside the side's setup area, as long as the...