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  1. fenyan

    Prokhorovka--will Starter Kit players be purchasing this?

    There's two starter kit scenarios within, will Starter Kit players be buying?
  2. fenyan

    56 Grid diamond embroidery box storage

    A few guys I know heard about these on ASL Facebook and I'm checking them out as well. Seems like they'd be good for a travel kit to say the least, but I might reorganize some of my Raaco: There may be less expensive combinations of the above listing. You have 56 compartments with a...
  3. fenyan

    M3 Stuart normal size but M3A1 small

    I wish Paul were around for this question, but I noticed that the Stuart I/M3 Stuart is a normal size target yet the Stuart III/M3A1 and M5A1s are a small targets. The dimensional differences appear to be only a few inches. Anyone hear or read of what the reasons were or was it a matter of an...
  4. fenyan

    HIP trays & Cloaking Cupboards

    Haven't played any Night Scenarios but do often play scenarios with HIP units. For FTF play how many of you guys have Cloaking boxes or cupboards? Here's a thread from 2010: Planos and Raacos were...
  5. fenyan

    Advancing Fire/Opportunity Fire counters

    Are Bounding Fire's ADV FIRE/OPP FIRE counters to be found only in Blood and Jungle?
  6. fenyan

    Deluxe ASL 2019 year in review

    The Year in Deluxe ASL—2019 It was a very good year for Deluxe ASL, with the Deluxe ASL Redux remake of Streets of Fire/Hedgerow Hell reaching its P800 goal and being sent to the printers. It's likely being assembled at MMP headquarters as you read this. According to my notes, six DASL...
  7. fenyan

    Armor Leader & AFV CC vs Infantry

    Can an armor leader modify its AFV's CC attack vs infantry?
  8. fenyan

    West Coast Melee Feb. 27th-March 1st 2020 @ Ontario Gateway Hotel (Los Angeles area)

    February 27, 2020 to March 1, 2020: West Coast Melee XXIII at the Ontario Gateway Hotel in Ontario I am very pleased to report that we have secured a contract to return to the Ontario Gateway Hotel next year for West Coast Melee. Ontario Gateway is easily the best venue we've ever had, and we...
  9. fenyan

    Dagger should be asterisk? "Non-elite Italian Axis Minors Surrender on a Final Heat of Battle DR ≥ 10" on pink & gray/blue charts

    Not meaning to nitpick...but maybe we could correct the following in the next printing of the charts? In the rules on page A41, the footnote for "≥ 12 is Surrender (15.5)[asterisk]" is "[asterisk]Non-elite Italian/Axis Minors Surrender on a Final Heat of Battle DR ≥ 10." However, instead of an...
  10. fenyan

    Random Selection--light to dark dice arrangement

    For random selection purposes, light to dark, would you arrange the following colors in this order? white yellow orange green red blue brown purple black
  11. fenyan

    How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?

    I've been organizing my vehicles within each nationality in order of ascending gun size, but I'm thinking of changing to another method. I suspect most organize by Chapter H note number. How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?
  12. fenyan

    Provenance of T-34 M43 AA-DD?

    Can anyone tell me where four T-34 M43 counters, AA-DD, came from? Didn't see anything by searching Reid Hutchinson's armory for Armies of Oblivion or Beyond Valor....or maybe I'm imagining things? Thanks.
  13. fenyan

    DASL A13 The Mailed Fist balance

    Last game of the year was Deluxe A13 which is recommended but imbalanced ROAR results 42-31 pro-French. Set in 1940 the Germans must advance the length of a DASL board and eliminated all French MMCs from woods/buildings along the road transversing the map. It was fun with many early war tanks...
  14. fenyan

    Terrain Chart: Stone Building TEM (+1*) note "Move assumes no road or VBM"

    Can someone please explain what the Terrain Chart Stone Building TEM (+1*) note that says "Move assumes no road or VBM"?
  15. fenyan

    Need SSR's for School Daze (OAF 93, Mar/Apr 1991) on page 9?

    Years ago a kind soul provided me with a copy of On All Fronts scenario School Daze (OAF #93, Mar/Apr 91). The scenario is on p.10, but after SSR 7 it states "Continued on page 9." I was hoping someone could look up this issue and see if there are more SSR's on page 9 and send me an image or...
  16. fenyan

    Can a Panzerschrek be fired at Infantry within the same Factory?

    Can a Panzerschrek (or other Shaped-Charge Weapon) be fired inside a factory at an Infantry target within the same factory (the LOS is traced entirely through the factory depiction)? Would the answer be "yes" because a Factory is a building (in this case with +1 TEM)? Or "no" because the...
  17. fenyan

    Balancing Scenario B The Tractor Works

    Comments here and on Consimworld indicates Scenario B The Tractor Works heavily favors the Russians. ASL Scenario Archive has wins in favor of Russians at 17-8 and they have ROAR at 61-28 so a win rate of 68%. Other than giving the Germans the scenario balance provision of a hero, what else can...