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  1. Stewart

    VASL Overlays 2.04 doesn't load certain 2.0 overlays

    ....AND there isn't a source for 2.0 that I can find. I find the 2.04 and the 1.02( I think)
  2. Stewart


    Unit in P5 Routs. He selects P7 as initial rout destination. Sees unit in R6 upon going into O6 as the first hex of his rout. Unit then routs to N8 Legal or not? WHY?
  3. Stewart

    Custom Phase wheel and Turn marker

    Vasl logs do not save the information that is used to identify the VASL phase wheel nor the turn marker during a replay of that log. Just an FYI. Easy to complaining here.
  4. Stewart

    ASLSK to ASL resources?

    Programmed ASL isn't one of them. That's more from SL to ASL Do you guys have other sources?
  5. Stewart

    3.2.17 Location?

    Can't seem to find this version on the Vassal site... No keys to look in archives
  6. Stewart

    Routing adjacent/ADJACENT to enemy unit.

    Given this rout situation; The carrier is in bypass in V1 at the V1,W2, V2 vertex. French must rout. Terrain of V1 is woods and LOS from the vertex in question is OoLOS to U1. Can the unit rout to U1? or V0 for that matter? LOS doesn't exist from the Carrier to those locations. IF the Blue...
  7. Stewart

    ASLSK Target Acq

    Section 6.10 states that an acq can apply to other units 'entering that hex'. Situation. ACQ was created by firing upon a moving enemy unit with a non-moving enemy in the same hex. Target leaves location acq remains. May that ACQ then apply vs the remaining unit in subsequent shots as it has...
  8. Stewart

    Undo feature

    Is the issue with the Undo feature screwing up logs part of VASL or Vassal?
  9. Stewart

    SK3 Veh and Ord Notes

    Veh 35 has no turret and its GUN corresponds to the VCA, why is NOTE Q necessary? What am I missing here. The AAMG is not restricted here. NOTE: these are from the ASL RB but are the same in the SK RB.
  10. Stewart

    Tournament Purpose

    In 3 sentences or less (80 words for those that like to use run-on sentences), What do you believe to be the purpose of an ASL Tournament?
  11. Stewart

    Language Characters

    How can I get other language characters to show up in the Vasl Control window...i.e. text chat? I've enabled in windows...
  12. Stewart

    Total Axis pack maps

    Has anyone increased the size of this map conglomeration? cutting them apart is problematic.
  13. Stewart


    B11.42 Using the example in the Q&A Is there LOS between climbing units in Level 3 of HH29, vertex GG29/HH28/HH29 and FF30 ( if the unit climbing is at the APEX of his climb?
  14. Stewart

    ASLSK Ladder

    New ladder for SK players looking for a helpful learning environment. Maintained on ASLSKills Discord server. Watch my Ladder video here and decide if its for you. It's not about the Rating, but just another thing to make it fun for the players. The ladder...
  15. Stewart

    Looks like some more errata

    Latest ASL Resouces Am I the only one to notice?
  16. Stewart

    Any Toxic LOL players here?

    Which lane to you troll in?
  17. Stewart

    TROLLS are Charging a lot for the Bridge toll.

    After taking my morning medication, I fell into a dream state praying for the souls that the Trolls have consumed over the years... And at what point did the ASL Gamesquad Forum leave it's usefulness as a serious forum for OPEN conversation, and degraded into the Trash compactor status? Trash...
  18. Stewart

    S31 SSR questions

    QUESTION: S31 What is the MF cost to enter the EMRR of SSR2? SSR3 Are the units (i.e. 1st line) exempted from the SSR2 if with a Leader? There are 1st line and C units in the Italian OB> Let me help this is a free download from MMP website.
  19. Stewart

    Prisoners AGAIN

    A stack of broken units in a Location surrenders simultaneously and must be accepted or rejected (20.3) as a stack. If there are not enough Guards for all such surrendering units, the excess units (captor's choice) are freed as Unarmed Where are the units Freed???
  20. Stewart

    BP HD status on a Hill

    What would this look like. No answers on FB yet. Incoming fire effects?