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  1. Tuomo

    Denver Stair Climb

    My Son in law, Cody Derington, is doing this today. Very proud.
  2. Tuomo

    Battle of Hong Kong website

    Looks well done. Any value for scenario designers?
  3. Tuomo

    We haven't had a Poll in a while

    In the final checkout stage for a HASL board's VASL version, which one of the following does the Map Elf do to bless it with good karma?
  4. Tuomo

    The Meat Grinder Discussion Thread

    OK, trying something different for Tuomofest 3 - rather than subject everyone to my horrible video ramblings (aka Turgid Tuomo), let's just stick to the written word, where the Backspace key is your friend and you can edit until it all comes out smooth. Smoothly. Whatever. FWIW, I'm just going...
  5. Tuomo

    AP 41 The Meat Grinder

    Question about the German turn 2 reinforcements, which the scenario card says, "Enter on Turn 2 along the north or south edge." ("or" in italics on the card) Do all three tanks need to enter on the same edge?
  6. Tuomo

    A11.622 & A11.31 : Snoogiewoofers Sleep Sans Striking

    Following up on the "Declining to attack in CC" thread. No. Correct.
  7. Tuomo

    Declining to attack in CC

    99.whatever % of the time, if I'm in CC, I opt to attack. And the few times that I haven't, it's probably because I forgot. But I've always had the feeling that I'm missing out on some sneaky tactic that I should be using to my advantage. So, somebody walk me through it. When's it advantageous...
  8. Tuomo

    RMG and D1.82

    D1.82 says an RMG may not be used in the same phase in which the MA fires. If an RMG uses First Fire, can the MA Intensive Fire in the DFPh?
  9. Tuomo

    NFTs and ASL

    How to make money off of the mania for Non Fungible Tokens and ASL: Figure out what a Non Fungible Token is ??? Profit!
  10. Tuomo

    Mama's In The Kitchen

    Cookin' up something delicious, I'm sure: Oh the anticipation. What rules will be forgotten this time? How many squads can Toby spot you while taking the unfavored side in an unbalanced dog and still win?
  11. Tuomo

    "Chatter font changed"?

    Opening up VASL today, I noticed the font seemed different. Sure enough, the first thing VASL logged to its chat window: So, why did that happen? I sure as heck didn't do it. And I don't like things changing without my knowledge - makes me wonder what else is going on. Could it be the new...
  12. Tuomo

    You Think YOU'RE Having A Rough Day

    From a game of Fury on the Logging Trail, JR Tracy vs Joe Arthur, on the VASL server now:
  13. Tuomo

    Why We Love/Hate This Game

    As experienced by Randy Yeates just now on the VASL server:
  14. Tuomo

    You Knew It Had To Happen

    In the vein of Ever Given Ever Ywhere,
  15. Tuomo

    LV Hindrance auto-reminder?

    I'm about to play U5 Point d'Appui, where a +1 LV Hindrance is in effect for non-CC attacks, regardless of range. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but I'm wondering how that might be rolled into VASL, cuz I sure hate forgetting that stupid DRM. Like, would you want to just add a third...
  16. Tuomo

    AP171 Possl's Posse

    Dave Ramsey and I capped off our best-of-three Illuminating Rounds Tournament play-in-series with a go at AP171 Possl's Posse, from the new Action Pack 16. This Andy Rogers design features some bread-and-butter Ost Front ASL on the new board 15a, so we figured no one could fault us for missing a...
  17. Tuomo

    Happy Birthday Martin!

    I bet there's plenty of Birthday St. Patrick's Day stories! And Imma guess... 48 :)
  18. Tuomo

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    He's gonna hate me for it, but one can't let these opportunities go to waste :) Imma say Dave is... 45.
  19. Tuomo

    One-sided Sunk/Elevated Roads

    I'm doing a board for Designer X and I'm intrigued with the notion of one-sided Sunk/Elevated Roads: These certainly are commonplace enough in hilly areas, but I'm wondering whether the general public hates the concept and whether there are obvious rules problems with it. Edit - the valley...
  20. Tuomo

    Too Good To Wave?

    Later in the war, did Russian Guards units (the kind that start getting represented by 458s, with more leaders, etc) start abandoning the Human Wave as wasteful of their talents?