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  1. Dr_Placebo

    DarkSora's PbP roleplay campaign

    Im down if you need my help. Im not a great programmer or anything but i know a few things that could help. DRP
  2. Dr_Placebo

    The Signature Exchange...

    If anyone here is into anime, I'd love a siggy with evangelion, cowboy bebeop and goldenboy in it. If not thats cool. I would do it myself, but my mum uninstalled PhotoshopCS2 and took my disk coz i was making fakeIDs. :) DRP
  3. Dr_Placebo

    Almost a PSP owner

    Blimey, 60 levels, you get your moneys worth then! My first game weill be Ridge Racer when i get my PSP on Sept 1st :D DRP
  4. Dr_Placebo

    Give Me some love

    I wanna steal your avatar so baddly ;) DRP
  5. Dr_Placebo

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    System of a down - Mesmirise albumn Korn - Greatest hits vol 1 Maroon 5 - songs about jane kasabian - employment Disturbed - Down with the sickness + believe Gwen Stefani - Love angel music baby Drowning pool - bodies I spent my whole day listening to music! DRP
  6. Dr_Placebo

    Whats My Muthaphunking Name!!!

    This d'evils charachters odd. I like him. DRP
  7. Dr_Placebo

    Whats My Muthaphunking Name!!!

    hi thatboy. welcome to sengo ;)
  8. Dr_Placebo

    Hello, everyone!

    Ya welcome. And i can't wait for Sept 1st either! Doc