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  1. thosmos


    Looking for opponent. PM, or email.
  2. thosmos

    SK VASL Pbem

    Mountain time US. Just Direct message me. Retired. Can do a turn a day most of the time. Am no pro. So, prefer players that are learning the ropes like I am. SK#1, 2 and 3 is fine.
  3. thosmos

    Opponent Wanted: VASL SK#2 or #3 PBEM

    I can do a turn a day generally. Looking for similar Starter Kit players. Update: I have found some players for now.
  4. thosmos

    VASL 6.6.1 PBEM and Scenarios

    Playing some SK#2 scenarios. I used one from here (SK#9) And we had issues with counters not moving on the map, though the log file was correct with recounting movement on the board. Then we we noticed the link for boards that were more recently created. (I...
  5. thosmos

    Steam ASL

    Has anyone played ASL on Steam with the Tabletop Simulator software? There seems to be a private server running when I check that has a few players.
  6. thosmos

    ASL SK#2 Beginner for Beginner would be fine PBEM

    Looking for someone that is in the same boat. I have played PBEM on VASL but it has been a few years. Have the software installed and just figured out (remembered) how to load scenarios. So, I am getting there. :) Mountain time USA. New Mexico.