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  1. Mike

    A few Wii questions...

    K Im getting it tommorow but I dont want to wait to find out lol. I know the Wii is never fully off, so if you were to unplug it and move it to another TV what sort of settings will you have to re-enter? (basically is it a big to move it to different tvs?) Another thing I wanted to know was if...
  2. Mike

    Line Rider for...Wii

    Will be really good on DS, not too sure about Wii though as im sure not many people can keep a straight arm in midair, still lol InXile - Linerider Home
  3. Mike

    Amazon HAD Wii's instock today...

    Amazon had some Wii's instock today and they sold out in about an hour at about 8:00am. I would normally get up at 8:30 today to go to college but I had a lesson canceled (then a break) so i decided to get up at 10am....ARGHHHH!! lol
  4. Mike

    Xbox 360 camera nd other stuff
  5. Mike

    Hey im Mike

    Just thought id say hi :D im Mike