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    DASL19 (aka Deluxe A13 and Z12) VC

    The VC in the 2019 version of Deluxe A13 The Mailed Fist (originally published in ASL Annual ’95) is conditional upon woods/building hexes ADJACENT to the defined road, while the original VC is conditional upon woods/building Locations. Is the change deliberate? If not, should “hexes” in the...
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    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    Looking for an interesting ETO DASL scenario to play face-to-face this autumn, something I haven't played before. I had a look at the differences between the A13 version published in Annual '95 and DASL19. The A13 version heavily favoured the French (they won about 77% of the time according to...
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    C2.2401 Gun Duel Questions

    1. Apart from the +3/+4 DRM for being Thrown (and possibly, unqualified/captured use and CX), what would the (Firer-based) Gun Duel DRM for a DEFENDER Thrown DC comprise? a. Would it include any (additional) "DC Position DRM" (C7.346)? b. Would it include a +3 DRM if Thrown from a vehicle (I'm...
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    Bishop Pointers - A Series of Short Articles on Variety of ASL Topics

    I thought I'd create one thread where players can access articles written by J. Bishop (and subsequently mutilated by yours truly). I've created a host of graphics to accompany each article. Before you ask, I will not be providing a pdf of these posts. Jim [edit] has mase his original drafts...
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    Croix de Guerre vehicle counters in other than French Blue

    Still trying to organize my nifty new French OB, and thought I recalled a relatively recent thread that explained why certain vehicles are not provided in French Blue. 1. Consider the Carrier AC(b), which is only available in tan livery (as it was in the 1992 edition). (Or the Autocanon de 40...
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    Earth Works by ASL

    My neighbourhood golf course has been undergoing some major redesign of late. The earthworks are considerable, with contours that bear no resemblance to the original terrain. I've been cycling by one site for months now, but recently a sea container containing the company's logo appeared at the...
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    C2.5 Conditional ROF and C10.54 Portee ROF

    A 6-Pounder (57L AT) is en portee in a 3-ton truck. It fires at a target within its CA and rolls a cdr '3'. 1. Does it maintain ROF? 2. If so, would it also have maintained ROF if it had changed CA (i.e., VCA) to fire?
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    ROMA4 B20. Streams and B21. Water Obstacles

    ROMA4 Mountain Marines SSR1: "All Water Obstacles are Level 0 open ground" [sic]. The stream is otherwise not defined, and therefore is shallow (B20.4). However, the map layout for ROMA4 on the ASL Scenario Archive depicts the stream on board 34 as Open Ground. My understanding is that only...
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    BoF16 Saluting a General AAR - Bagley vs Bishop

    I thought it would help future players find (and compare) AAR on this scenario if I created a dedicated thread for this "Series Replay." First, I should stress that BoF16 is a hoot to watch--and I've watched a few. There's nothing dull about it, and I encourage players to give it a test drive...
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    BFP-33 Kunlunguan SSR2 and Chinese Setup Instructions

    1. SSR2 states that Guns may set up Emplaced on board 25. Q. Am I correct in thinking that this the same as saying that F.1A is NA? IOW, Guns may set up Emplaced on both boards (contrary to F.1A)? 2. The Chinese set up on boards 18 and/or v ≥ 4 hexes from a board 15/25 hex (half-hex). Q. Am...
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    J2.31 Hand-to-Hand CC

    Am I correct in concluding that during any scenario in which J2.31 is in effect, the ATTACKER may declare Hand-to-Hand CC during Melee?
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    A20.21 RtPh, D5.311 Unprotected Crews, and D6.1 Passengers

    Two situations: A) A DFF attack immobilizes a truck and breaks its Passenger HS ADJACENT to a GO enemy squad. Must the broken HS rout during the RtPh? If so, will it be eliminated for failure to rout? Or must the HS surrender to the enemy squad? B) Related question. Assume the truck is a...
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    D14.23 Non-Platoon Movement and Motion Fire and Acquisition

    Two questions in one... Situation: Three radioless AFV are in single file and in Motion. An enemy AFV ends its MPh in LOS of the two rearmost AFV. 1. The radioless AFV in the centre declares a DFPh shot but misses. Is Acquisition gained on the enemy tank? 2. During the subsequent PFPh, the...
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    A7.72 Upper Levels - Encirclement

    Situation: An enemy stack occuplies the upper level of a two-storey, two-hex building. During the MPh, a (BU) PzIB ends it MPh in Bypass of one of these hexes. Immediately thereafter, a second PzIB ends its MPh in Bypass of the building hex occupied by the enemy stack. Is there any reason why...
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    A8.312 TPBF, A12.151 Bypass, D7.2 Reaction Fire, and D7.22 Non-CC Reaction Fire

    1a. Does the reference in A8.312 that directs readers to D7.2 mean that all fire by Infantry vs a vehicle moving in its Location/hex is a form of Reaction Fire? b. If not, where do the rules make a distinction between "ordinary" Defensive First Fire and Reaction Fire where Infantry fire on a...
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    Special Ops 9 - ASL/ASLSK Scenarios

    Any details on these yet?
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    C1.8 Bombardment and C1.81 Area (spared hexes) on "Fortenberry" boards

    How would one determine which hexes are spared on a "Fort" board, e.g. board 7a/b? The procedure in C1.81 is designed for boards with coordinates ≤ 10. All of these "fat" boards have coordinates ranging from A1 to Q20 on their "a" sides, and Q1 to GG20 on their "b" sides. Should MMP issue...
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    German MAVN K

    It is March 1943. A PzKpfw VIE has a printed APCR Depletion Number of "5" for 1943. The Germans are Elite (C8.2) by SSR. What is the APCR Depletion Number of the Tiger I during this scenario?
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    Main Armament and C10.5 En Portee

    Are Guns carried as Passenger PP and capable of firing while loaded considered to be MA by default, or must a Gun be designated as the MA on a vehicle listing? For example, the OQF 2-pounder (40L) on the 2pdr Portee TDtr (British Vehicle Note 77) is listed as the vehicle's MA. Is a OQF...
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    S61 Help Our Troops Out

    This scenario was released in Special Ops 7, and uses components from three Starter Kits (e.g. board z from ASLSK1, etc.). The scenario has an SSR telling players to substitute a BAZ 44 for the second BAZ 45, because to date there is only one BAZ 45 in the ASLSK countermix. (It's in ASLSK2.)...