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  1. JRKrejsa

    Free French V. Vichy Scenarios?

    So, I’ve played Fratricidal Fighting from CdD, and French Civil War in Gabon. Any others out there worth the time? (When I bought the Free French set from Broken Ground, I made a set of turn markers for Free and Vichy scenarios. I have no scenario for the FF against Vichy marker!)
  2. JRKrejsa

    What it Looks Like Just Before an Ambush Happens....

    My backyard. In an Orchard Hex. Pretty sure HtH CC ensued...
  3. JRKrejsa

    Routing from a Bunker

    So, can a unit rout out of a bunker,( into a trench), with an enemy unit in the same hex? Both were in melee the prior player turn, with no effect to either side. Fire from outside the hex broke the bunker occupants, but the enemy outside the bunker were fine. My initial thought was that they...
  4. JRKrejsa

    Roma 2020?

    Any more info available about this pack? Any time frame? The other 2 up coming packs: Swedish Volunteers- Well worth getting, some good scenarios in there, and another nationality. Best of Friends 2- It will be interesting to see which of their many good scenarios made the cut. And, I...
  5. JRKrejsa

    Red Banner Newsletter

    I recently downloaded these from the DC Conscripts Website. (I noticed one of the editions being posted to the Archive, and was intrigued by the French V. Viet Minh Scenarios.) But after going back to the Archive, I noticed one issue of Red Banner, Q4 2017, is not available for download. Is...
  6. JRKrejsa

    AP 13?

    I see, via an email from MMP, that AP13 is due out in October. Two new boards, 11 scenarios. But what is the theme for AP13? Or is there one?
  7. JRKrejsa

    SP 260. Frosty the Snowman Question

    The scenario card shows T-26 M33s. The scenario analysis talks abot T-26 M32s. Which ones??? Thanks
  8. JRKrejsa

    BRT 2 China Girl Balance

    So, the original scenario is very pro Japanese. The BRT Gamers Guide has a balance sugestion. But, I have no idea where my gamers guide is.... What is the sugested balance??? Thanks!
  9. JRKrejsa

    STL 10 Revenge is a Dish Question

    A question about the VC; Do the Japanese/Burmese Control all the victory buildings to start with? Of course, by the ASLRB, they do. BUT.... The last SSR mentions needing to occupy a building at some point for it to count towards the VP total. So, if a side was NEVER in a building- do they...