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  1. BattleSchool

    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    I came to the same conclusion wrt Bypass. Although I could find no explicit rule reference, I suspect that the first part of a compound terrain type is the dominant terrain. So while one can Bypass a woods-road hex, one cannot Bypass a stream-woods hex for the same reason that one cannot...
  2. BattleSchool

    DASL19 (aka Deluxe A13 and Z12) VC

    The VC in the 2019 version of Deluxe A13 The Mailed Fist (originally published in ASL Annual ’95) is conditional upon woods/building hexes ADJACENT to the defined road, while the original VC is conditional upon woods/building Locations. Is the change deliberate? If not, should “hexes” in the...
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    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    Submitted Q to MMP. I'll post this later in the Q&A thread. -cd
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    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    Find anything?
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    ASLOK final AAR

    Agreed. Neither of these former third-party scenarios presents a problem because they clearly state that x (or x and y) are Palm Trees (including, if I'm not mistaken, in their earlier LFT/Tactiques iterations). AFAIK, the convention for terrain transformations either consists of one or more...
  6. BattleSchool

    ASLOK final AAR

    About those Palm trees... SSR 1 of DTF-3 raises an interesting question. It states that Light Jungle, Palm Trees, and Kunai are in effect. No mention of PTO Terrain. A strict reading of Chapter G suggests that for these terrain types to exist, PTO Terrain must be in effect. I realize that...
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    ASLOK final AAR

    Great thanks. Your left proved rock solid.
  8. BattleSchool

    ASLOK final AAR

    Where did the IJA T2 reinforcements enter, and what happened to them? Was comparing your uitstekend defence to Sidhu's here. Both worked, although Ginnard's Japanese came close to succeeding. Looks like a crazy fun scenario. Congrats on your win!
  9. BattleSchool

    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    While I have you, am I right in concluding that per SSR 1, hex dC5 is a stream-brush hex (B33.), and that dJ0 is (like dD4) a stream-woods hex? A4.3 states that Bypass of a gully-woods is NA. Am I also right to conclude that Bypass (A4.3) is NA for a stream-woods hex?
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    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    Yes, that is a significant change. Thanks. Missed that. :(
  11. BattleSchool

    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    Looking for an interesting ETO DASL scenario to play face-to-face this autumn, something I haven't played before. I had a look at the differences between the A13 version published in Annual '95 and DASL19. The A13 version heavily favoured the French (they won about 77% of the time according to...
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    What Are These Counters?

    As noted in a 2015 Sitrep post.
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    C2.2401 Gun Duel Questions

    I rephrased and expanded the questions before submitting them to Perry on 30 September. Will post replies once I receive them. One thing that I didn't ask specifically occurred to me afterwards regarding a Thrown DC. Given that the DRM for being CX applies on the DC Position DR, would it...
  14. BattleSchool

    Woods Paths in Mud

    I'd venture a no to adding an extra 1/2 MF, as per E3.64. A unit using a path is entering non-Open Ground terrain in that hex, even when on the path. IOW, it is not Bypassing the woods, and despite the possibility of crossing an Open Ground hexside to enter the woods via a Path, the unit appears...
  15. BattleSchool

    Row House move

    Moreover, having only one or two MF left, after accounting for Portage costs (because Rowhouse Bypass costs 3 MF), would disqualify a unit for Assault Movement too. IOW, Assault Movement is not necessarily a given when using Rowhouse Bypass. Nor is a unit immune to FFNAM simply because it only...
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    ASL Board 77

    Action Pack 17 comes with boards 87 and 88.
  17. BattleSchool

    ASLOK XXXV - Official TD AAR

    Great to see a new winner in the after-dark Mini. 👀 The wrath of McGrath returns. 🌪 Gor-Gor declares NQ and sets his eyes on Manila in 2022. 🦖 Kudos to Kevin "Korean-Kid" Killeen, forever 4K. 🤕 Bendis continues to bend rather than break. 🦈 Joe "read my ASL bumper sticker" Steadman takes an early...
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    ASLOK XXXV - Official TD AAR

    Congrats to "Team Montréal" on winning the World Cup of ASL!
  19. BattleSchool

    Latest MMP release

    It also helps justify the purchase of DASL "Redux," as players get to use overlays dx14, dx17, and dx21 for the first time.
  20. BattleSchool

    Moving Target

    And here's the dolled-up version.