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  1. JRKrejsa

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Add Mist. And some, “enhanced “ mist, +1 at all ranges, as that is a popular SSR.
  2. JRKrejsa

    Latest MMP release

    Got mine yesterday. Very nice. The hill is quite something!
  3. JRKrejsa

    Latest MMP release

    So, there is a cheat sheet in Rally Point 17 for the CPVA. It is very handy. If you don’t have it, you should get it. And, it has plenty of daylight KWASL scenarios.
  4. JRKrejsa

    Latest MMP release

    Lots of gullies to hide in too. Nice!
  5. JRKrejsa

    Latest MMP release

    You should try it. It is an interesting addition to our hobby.
  6. JRKrejsa

    Pinned Topics

    Well, I’m in shape, but the other two things definitely apply to me!
  7. JRKrejsa

    Eureka! Scenario Archive - owned scenarios

    No! I’am more discriminating in what ASL stuff I buy. BUT, I can’t imagine stopping.
  8. JRKrejsa

    Manilianus and Vehicles/Ordnance IRL thread

    Is the paint job speculation, or could theysee enough of the original paint/ camo to try to re create it? Either way, they did a fine job. Interesting post.
  9. JRKrejsa

    Not One Step Back (DTF-2) launches at ASLOK 2021

    Preview? Scenario locations, dates, boards required? Not that we won’t want it anyway….
  10. JRKrejsa

    ASLOK Releases?

    Not that I need to spend more money, but yeah- what is coming out? Journal 13?
  11. JRKrejsa

    Dreaming of Dave Ramsey

    I don’t know what you ate/ drank before bed, but I don’t want any!
  12. JRKrejsa

    From The Cellar #10

    I got my copy last week. Looking forward to playing. Two unique topics, but it looks very well done, as we expect from LFT. The news of the three additional Chosin Campaign projects is welcome and exciting as well.
  13. JRKrejsa

    Special Forces I additional scenarios?

    Not that I have ever seen. From HoB or any other publisher.
  14. JRKrejsa

    Has anyone ever designed a scenario with Finns vs...

    So, would they be depicted as Hungarian or crappy SS?548s, 447s, or worse? KE had two British V Hungarian scenarios, Spring of ‘45. Both were good, as I recall. Interesting discussion- I did not know the US fought Hungarians on the ground.
  15. JRKrejsa

    A comprehensive ASL list?

    No, many, many more items since then.
  16. JRKrejsa

    Free French V. Vichy Scenarios?

    I am not a fan of the generic ones. I do like the updated Free French, with the French last names. (They weren’t Englishmen)!
  17. JRKrejsa

    From The Cellar #10

  18. JRKrejsa

    Has anyone ever designed a scenario with Finns vs...

    There are a fair amount. Good fun too.