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  1. footsteps

    What's Missing?

    Even as I published my counter sets, I was finding more vehicles that saw combat but aren't in the system. Primarily they are captured, field-mods, and even prototypes that were nevertheless thrown into combat in desperation (i.e. Defense of Warsaw, Defense of Moscow). Are there "high volume"...
  2. footsteps

    16 Counters

    The next print run of counter sheets is approaching, and I have a conundrum. With all the new stuff laid out, I have a block of 16x 5/8" counters for which I don't have anything planned. This section is to be separated from the rest of the half-sheet (a made-to-order layout), so whatever goes...
  3. footsteps

    PTO Partisans

    A variation on a request about ETO Partisans from a while ago. I know very little about PTO representations of Partisan-type actions (i.e. Filipino) in ASL. What Partisan "nationalities" are part of the PTO scenario mix? Apart from standard 337s, are other squad types used as well? Thx
  4. footsteps

    IIFT tourney

    I seem to recall a tourney (Europe?) where the IIFT is the default for all play. Do I remember that right, or is it an urban legend?
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    Don't recall the name of the fellow who sent this idea to T2HS:
  6. footsteps

    Broken Ground Design: Pre-order pricing closes Jan. 31st

    A reminder that Pre-order pricing (savings of about 20% or more) closes @ 11:59:59pm EST on Jan. 31st.
  7. footsteps

    Broken Ground - video review

    From Poland...
  8. footsteps

    Yugoslav Partisans - ordnance

    I've found a decent listing of AFVs that Yugoslav Partisans used during WW2, but I can't find anything listing the ordnance they had. Does anyone know (or know where to find) info on what they used? I assume a selection of captured Italian & German stuff, but wondering also about Allied...
  9. footsteps

    Italians: Banzai 19.1

  10. footsteps

    The real Pudels

    I've got to stop finding new vehicles. Apologies to all Poles as I've discovered that the national symbol is rotated 90d. I've fixed my files, but the above show the wrong orientation. I'm sorry.
  11. footsteps

    Berliet VUDB

    My latest interesting find: the Berliet VUDB. Used by the French Foreign Legion in North Africa, and by the Belgian Gendarme. When carrying Passengers, one LMG can be operated as a 2 FP BMG without Mounted Fire penalties. Armed Passengers can conduct Mounted Fire (NA VCA) normally even...
  12. footsteps

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    A brief overview of the layout features for Broken Ground Design's 1/2" counters.
  13. footsteps

    Counter opinions

    Do these work?
  14. footsteps

    Help needed: Nationality colour matching

    Being slightly colour blind makes it a challenge for me to figure out the colours I'm looking at. So I'm asking for help. Below are rosettes of counter images in the basic nationality colours (exc: Japanese). In the centre is an official counter, and surrounding that are four pairs (1/2" &...
  15. footsteps

    Treasure map is in da house

    It's my treasure and it's my map. Coming to an ASLOk near you. Bring along ASL 10 The Citadel and see if you can get it to work on the historical battlefield.
  16. footsteps

    ASLOk courier needed.

    NEEDED: Courier FROM: Grand Rapids, MI area TO: ASLOk WHAT: Parcel for Brian Martuzas (Tooz). He'll know what to do with it. I will be in Grand Rapids Sep.29 to Oct.2. I will have a vehicle so I have freedom of movement to come to you (within reason). Pls PM or post here. Thx.
  17. footsteps

    Wired Wehrmacht

    So that's how they did it.
  18. footsteps

    WW2 in colour.

    WW2 in colour. I noticed that the combatants aren't rendered in standard ASL colours, though.
  19. footsteps

    More from Wild Bill

    Silver Wings When It All Went Wrong Death From Above This one actually looks like it may be adding some nice eye-candy. One Out of Four I wonder if Psycho's scenario is included in this one. Green Steel 3
  20. footsteps

    A Port Too Far -- Wild Bill

    Looks like Wild Bill is at it again.