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  1. Chris NL

    leader lost in banzia charge

    Hello, What happen if a leader is kill in the fisrt impuls, does the charge continue? PTO 1,5 A leader must participate in each Banzai Charge that includes ≥ one MMC. Thx Chris
  2. Chris NL

    Battle of the schelde (zeeland netherlands)
  3. Chris NL

    DaE Setup after Reph 4.518 unit setup

    After all stuff is done the units from the initial day are still on board in the same location and fresh troopers are bought and ready to setup is it then posible to resetup the old units on board in there setup area or do they have to stay on there old spot. thx Chris
  4. Chris NL

    Some you tube posts

    The Battlefield Explorer
  5. Chris NL

    Sniper TEM question

    Hello All, my question is: there are 2 targets at the same distance, a hero and a tank in different hexes, whitch one ist the legal target. my oponent tells me that the tank has a TEM of +2, i cannot find that in the rules, please who can tell me that rule. thx all, Chris
  6. Chris NL

    WWII Landing Craft

  7. Chris NL

    OBA and heavy mist

    Hello All, I am playing KGP_2 with heavy mist and OBA, is there any DRM to the mist on any DR for the OBA. i only see that the accuracy dr is +x to smoke hinderance and mist is LV hinderance Thx Chris
  8. Chris NL

    free french, British counters

    Hello, does the free french cower? if the british counters are use? (SK s50 N-463) and where can i found it in the Rulebook of SK Thx Chris
  9. Chris NL

    Fire ATT on empty hex

    Hello all, Is it posible in Starterkit to fire on an empy hex with a AFV with ATT and what are the drm's Thx Chris
  10. Chris NL

    arnhem movie about the escape over the rhin after the battle in arnhem (september 28th) FYI Chris
  11. Chris NL

    Bazooka's against guns

    Hello, Is it posible to fire a BAZ to a gun to destroy it? and how it is done if it can. 13.43 TO KILL: Once a hit has been scored vs a vehicular target, it is resolved on the C7.33 HEAT To Kill Table using either the BAZ 43 or the BAZ 44+ column, depending on the time frame of the scenario...
  12. Chris NL

    Hells Highway (market garden)

    FYI, (dutch) Chris
  13. Chris NL

    75 years liberation of Holland info

    FYI Chris