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    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    Hello all. I am a Starter Kit player, and I wish to design a scenario for an upcoming SK scenario pack. The quickest route to this is to take an existing scenario, request permission to use the material, and find SK maps and pieces that fit, play test and submit. In a former life when I was a...
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    ASLSK Watch and Learn TOMORROW 20200530!!

    Stephen Stewart and myself are doing a VASL/Discord session tomorrow to help players learn the game. It will kick off at 1200 PDT. Please join us!! You can find details over on the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Facebook group that I moderate. We are going to do a review of our setup thoughts...
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    Who's Going to Winter Offensive?

    January 16-19, registration via Over on the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Facebook group I have started a poll. There are 5 of us wanting to play some ASLSK. Please vote over there if you are going or chime in here. I will try to get everyone's contact info (that...
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    Albany ASLSK Event IS ON!!

    I was asked several weeks ago by the (SERIOUSLY) great Steve Pleva to help him get an SK presence kick-started at this years New York State ASL Championship Tournament. I gave him a list of scenarios for each round and some discussion on SK things. Sadly I had already committed to present at a...
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    Atlanta Spreading Blaze Tournament!

    If you are around or can be in Atlanta next weekend, 8/2-4, there is an ASL tournament there that is a lot of fun. Me and my daughter just found out about it and I am trying to arrange my schedule so I can be there. COME JOIN US!! Please check out my post here for more details...
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    Special Ops #9 is OUT!! PTO Article Included!

    Each year MMP hosts the ASLSK Tournament at the World Boardgame Championships. To herald that event and the attention it garners, they release the summer edition of the SpecOps magazine. This year's release is special for us SK'ers because in addition to the 2 SK scenarios they always give...
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    ASLSK PTO Play?

    I helped MMP with the SK PTO product, and I played full ASL and loved PTO there in a past life. Now I would like to get in some play of some of the scenarios I didn't test, which is most of them actually since I came in fairly late in the development cycle. VASL with voice. I have functional...
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    SK PTO Boards m, n, and o ...

    are officially in the Open Item queue of the VASL Cooperative, better known as the VASL Map Elves!! If you are skilled with Photoshop or GIMP and have some free time, PLEASE consider joining them and helping to get our maps released to the wild!! 1500+ players have purchased the module and the...
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    SK PTO S65 Opponent Request

    I helped MMP with the SK PTO and recently taught 8 players how to play SK PTO at the Texas ASL Tournament recently and mentored them while they played S65 Take it Back. The IJA blitzed the US, and no one got close to the back corner. I want to play it with someone experienced taking the IJA so I...
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    Decision at Elst Buyers!!

    For those of you not on the ASLSK Facebook group there are currently 49 members there who stated on a poll I posted that they want to buy AND PLAY DaE. Soooo, if you are an owner but never plan on playing it, or have played it and don't want it any more, PLEASE check over there for someone to...
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    Albany, NY FtF SK Game July 28

    I am presenting at a conference in Albany, NY on July 28 and was wondering if I could get in an ASLSK game while I am there. I would love to play something beefy, such as RPT12 Retreat from Bairak or RPT59 Hungarian Hopscotch. I will not be traveling with my ASL gear, other than scenario cards...
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    ASLSK VASL Friendly League
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    ASLSK PTO Play Testing

    My daughter and I would love to help any scenario designers do play testing for the upcoming ASLSK PTO module. I have the rules and maps already, having worked with MMP on the project. Please drop me an email at TheSQLGuru on Googles mail service if you are interested.
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    ASLSK PTO Playtesting

    My daughter and I would love to help any scenario designers do play testing for the upcoming ASLSK PTO module. I have the rules and maps already, having worked with MMP on the project. Please drop me an email at TheSQLGuru on Googles mail service if you are interested.
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    CCPh and Brokie Rules Questions

    Say you had a pair of German 468s in Melee with the dreaded 226 Russian Conscript HS. There is fire into the hex during this turn and the only effect is that one of the 468's breaks. Questions: 1) Does the 468 get a DM counter as he breaks? At the start of the RtPh? 2) Can/Must the broken...
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    Southeast TN ASLSK Weekend?

    Please check out the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Facebook group and the recent poll I put up there to see if there is sufficient interest to set up a weekend of play, likely in Chattanooga. If you aren't on FB please respond here if you are interested and I will reach out to you if it...
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    Critical Hit Question

    Two 467's are in a wooden bldg. They are hit with a Critical Hit from a Russian 50 mortar. Rule 6.1: the special provisions of a CH are applied only to one randomly selected target So one unit takes a 12-2 and the other a 2+2 using the same IFT DR. The DR is a 4. So the CH unit gets a 1KIA...
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    Any SK Players Going to ASLOK?

    I am presenting at a tech conference in Columbus the week of ASLOK and have decided to bring my daughter (also an SK player) and hit the tournament Friday - Sunday. Are any other SK players planning on attending? I sure hope MMP has the PTO module there for sale or play test!!
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    FtF ASLSK in St. Paul, MN?

    I will be there for the week from 8/20 - 26 for a client visit. I am planning on gaming at the Source on Friday, like I did last time, and would love to catch another game there. I am open most of the evenings during the week too.
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    ASLSK Scenario Listing

    Here is a spreadsheet I put together. It includes all known (to me) ASLSK scenarios with LOTS of details such as number of squads/vehicles per side, special weapons, interesting SSRs, ROAR wins/losses with win percentage, some color coding, source of scenario, etc, etc. I hope others will find...