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  1. Bootaaay

    Wii Opera Browser details revealed

    In a press release Nintendo have revealed that the Wii version of the Opera web browser will launch on December the 22nd. The version to be released is currently in beta, but the final version will be released in march and will be totally free to download from release until the end of June 2007...
  2. Bootaaay

    Wii Channels

    If you've got a Wii it should have been glowing blue this morning with an email from Nintendo informing us that the Wii Forcast channel has gone live and after a quick update it's all set to go. I didn't even realise it was coming out yet, so it's a nice suprise and a pretty cool little addition...
  3. Bootaaay

    Online gaming in Q2 of 2007 for the Wii

    Nintendo of America head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed a rough date for when we'll start seeing the first online enabled Wii titles; Reggie reveals date for Wii online gaming - Nintendo Wii News - Australia's PAL Gaming Network And there are some more Wii Channels in the works...
  4. Bootaaay

    Halo public Beta next Spring!

    Awesome news; Can't wait to try it out, and those new Halo 2 maps should make the wait for H3 easier. Here's the new image btw;
  5. Bootaaay

    Man assaults teen for copy of Gears of War

    Lol, totally crazy;
  6. Bootaaay

    Full Wii & Virtual Console European launch lineup

    Here's a list of all the Wii and VC titles that'll be available at the Wii's European Launch on December the 8th; I'm impressed by the range of VC titles available in the first month of the Wii, although Nintendo's SNES offerings could be a bit...
  7. Bootaaay

    COD3 Collaboration Thread

    COD3 is developed by Treyarch studios who worked on the last gen console versions of Call of Duty. Despite not being developed by the series main developed Infinity Ward COD3 looks very promising as it trys to improve on COD2 in every way. The single player experience promises to be much more...
  8. Bootaaay

    Bungie's impressions of Shadowrun & Gears of War

    Bungie team members Sketch and Frankie posted up their impressions of Epic Games 'Gears of War' and FASA's 'Shadowrun' from the X06 showfloor; Gears of War sounds ridiculousley fun, can't believe it's only 2 more months before we finally...
  9. Bootaaay

    New COD3 screens

    New screens of the 360 version of COD3 from :up:
  10. Bootaaay

    New Call of Duty 3 screens

    Some new COD3 screenshots, PS3 & 360 versions obviousley; It looks improved over the e3 screens :up:
  11. Bootaaay

    Call of Duty 3 Gameplay Videos

    COD3 is looking great, the explosion effects look crazy and it's obvious the single player is going to be incredibly intense; HCAlo4vCCk4 c4Qv_bXZOkA