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    DaE CG Strategic Locations

    1) Per the Definitions section, the only things that define Strategic locations are mobile AFV with functioning MA (that does not also contain an equivalent enemy AFV), Road entry/exit hex on all but south map edge, and Buildings. Thus there is no way you can "consolidate" Strategic Locations...
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    Flooded grain hex

    I am happy to see another "serious student" of ASL Starter Kit! I hope you are a member of the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Facebook group that I moderate. I, and others, have put up a tremendous amount of helpful stuff for all levels of players!!
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    Flooded grain hex

    SSRs are "supposed" to be self-contained, in that they completely define anything that is extra, different, in addition to, etc. from the SK rules. In this case they are that. I do note, however, that ANY AND ALL rules that the SSR does not SPECIFICALLY alter/overrule/cancel/etc STILL APPLY...
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    S9 - Ambitious Assault as the Allies

    I agree with Stewart on all counts. The Allies have basically ZERO chance in this one if the reinforcements don't enter on turn 3. And you sadly MUST get that long-range 9-2 led 12 shot with 3X 747s and MMG and hope for an ROF or two in the first couple of turns to help you take down the Italian...
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    free french, British counters

    Perry is correct on both counts: Non-cowering in all SK scenarios that use British/ANZAC troops must be mentioned by SSR or it isn't a thing, and N-463 does not mention non-cowering for the French therefore they DO cower.
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    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    Thanks to those that provided inputs! I will be converting Mayhem in Manila to Starter Kit for the upcoming SK scenario pack. The DASL board arrangement in there matches rather well with the new city board Ken Dunn has put together as one of the two new boards being released with the group of...
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    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    When I made my statement about FB, I had already searched that site for him before you mentioned his name (the creators are all named in the packs). I had no idea if the GH I was searching for was him or not. There were other Glenn Housemans - his was just the one FB put forth as the "top" one...
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    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    Thanks Michael. I searched for his name, and found some right-wing ultra-nutjob.
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    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    1) Both Havoc and Tsunami were published by ESG. They use the same two boards, just opposite sides of them. Sadly I cannot find any way to contact them to ask for permission to use these two. Since they are a defunct organization I don't know that there is IP protection to be concerned with...
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    Giving odds

    This may not apply to more "normal" teaching situations, but when I was teaching my then 10-yo daughter to play Starter Kit, I did various forms of DRM modifications and Mulligans to give her a chance to "compete", have some positive outcomes and make it more "fun". I would make sure to explain...
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    Starter Kit Exp Pack #2 "unboxing" video

    I wish everyone would respect IP like you are doing!
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    PTO City Fight Scenarios?

    Hello all. I am a Starter Kit player, and I wish to design a scenario for an upcoming SK scenario pack. The quickest route to this is to take an existing scenario, request permission to use the material, and find SK maps and pieces that fit, play test and submit. In a former life when I was a...
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    ASLSK Watch and Learn TOMORROW 20200530!!

    Stephen Stewart and myself are doing a VASL/Discord session tomorrow to help players learn the game. It will kick off at 1200 PDT. Please join us!! You can find details over on the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit Facebook group that I moderate. We are going to do a review of our setup thoughts...
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    ISO VASL SK game, GMT-4

    Have you posted up on the Facebook Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit group too? There are quite a few new players there looking for a mentor!
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    I have been trying to make it to ASLOK recently, and all I play is ASLSK. I am hoping to get my daughter back into it as well. I take it you will be going to Atlanta's Spreading Blaze in the early fall? I plan on attending that and helping with their ASLSK presence. Texas ASL is currently the...
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    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    "JOHN HILL: My personal preference, I think, in…I think ASL has gone too far with too much detail, and too much that slows down the game too much. " Gee, the designer of Squad Leader feeling that ASL went too far. What a surprise. :) I think his "ASLSK is a ripoff" comment was off-the-cuff...
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    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    There are MANY like you!!
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    Gun crew FP and SW squads

    In VASL you can right-click the first fire marker and change it to Inherent or SW.
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    SK 4 Rules

    There are MANY full ASL features that have been SSR'd into SK scenarios over the years. An SK scenario designer has lots to choose from if they want to add more chrome to one of their creations.
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    Nor'easter Starter Kit "Group" Activities

    I can't wait to attend this event!! It really is a great one for SK players!