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  1. Bootaaay

    Who is your favorite actor/actress?

    Some of my favourite actors and my favourite films they've appeared in, in no specific order; Clint Eastwood (Fistfull of Dollars, Unforgiven, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) Lee Van Cleef (Sabata, For a Few Dollars More, Escape from New York) Tadanobu Asano (Last life in the Universe...
  2. Bootaaay

    What should I do with my Xbox 360

    The 360 harddrive uses 7 gigs for temporarily cacheing data so it doesn't have to read from the disc continually - this means that each 360 HD should start with 13gbs of space. Also, if you need any help connecting to Xbox Live this site has alot of usefull answers; XBox Live The Guide
  3. Bootaaay

    just got a 360

    The way I see it - Live is only £40 a year, thats the price of a game and comparatively I get more play out of Live than I do any one single game so it's £40 well spent imho.
  4. Bootaaay

    just got a 360

    Because it's an LCD monitor it can display at higher resolutions than a standard tv - I used to use my 360 on a 17'' lcd with the VGA cable and it looked much much better than through a standard tv.
  5. Bootaaay

    just got a 360

    Yeah, that shows which controller port the pad is asigned to. Also, in referrence to your earlier question, get the 360 VGA cable and plug it into your LCD monitor - that way you can play your 360 in hi-def.
  6. Bootaaay

    PS3 Sells 1 million; Outselling Xbox 360 Launch

    Thought as much, theres a huge difference between 'sold' and 'shipped', trust a 'reputable' site like Kotaku to not bother making that distinction :rolleyes:
  7. Bootaaay

    just got a 360

    If 3 of the 4 quadrents on the power button flash red then it means your 360 is defective and will need to be sent back to Microsoft for repairs - earlier 360s are unreliable and can overheat so MS extended the warranty of all 360s by a year.
  8. Bootaaay

    Finally Got XBL

    Yeah, it's much easier playing it with a buddy than having to rely on the crappy AI teammates. You should definetly consider getting Test Drive Unlimited, if you don't have it already - it's one of the best uses of live on the 360. I've been playing a bit of F.E.A.R's online and thats pretty fun...
  9. Bootaaay

    Wii'ifying existing games

    Red Steel was clearly b0rked, how Ubi Soft didn't realise this - I don't know - still, swordfighting was the best part of that game.
  10. Bootaaay

    Wii'ifying existing games

    Yeah, I concur - same goes for the Elder Scrolls series. Personally i'd love to see SEGA bring some of their older games to the Wii, theres loads of titles that would work perfectly with the Wiimote such as Panzer Dragoon, Samba Del Amigo and NiGHTS Into Dreams.
  11. Bootaaay

    New to the 360

    This user-made site will tell you everything you need to know about getting your 360 online; XBox Live The Guide
  12. Bootaaay

    A few Wii questions...

    Yeah, it's no problem at all - just make sure you make Mii profiles for each person playing and then in Wii Sports it'll remmember after the first setup whether the profile is left or right handed.
  13. Bootaaay

    A few Wii questions...

    You won't have to re-enter any settings if you've unplugged the Wii, it retains all the information on the built in flash memory. Also, on Wii Sports you can set up whether your Mii is left or right handed - also, I think you can play Zelda left-handed if you wanted, but I found it easier for...
  14. Bootaaay

    first post from a wii

    I'm suprised how quick it is for everything (except typing, Ninty should allow us 2 use USB keyboards). Youtube works perfectly.
  15. Bootaaay

    Wii Opera Browser details revealed

    Probally the same day, judging by Nintendo's roll-out of the Forcast channel update - Japan got it first, then EU and finally NA.
  16. Bootaaay

    Wii Opera Browser details revealed

    In a press release Nintendo have revealed that the Wii version of the Opera web browser will launch on December the 22nd. The version to be released is currently in beta, but the final version will be released in march and will be totally free to download from release until the end of June 2007...
  17. Bootaaay

    Wii Channels

    If you've got a Wii it should have been glowing blue this morning with an email from Nintendo informing us that the Wii Forcast channel has gone live and after a quick update it's all set to go. I didn't even realise it was coming out yet, so it's a nice suprise and a pretty cool little addition...
  18. Bootaaay

    Wii Sports Talk

    My favourite is Golf, followed by Bowling, then Tennis, then Boxing and finally Baseball which is just terrible. I wish there were more than 9 holes on Golf though.
  19. Bootaaay

    Guitar help: how do I toughen my fingers?

    Whenever your watching somthing on TV, play guitar - just practice fingering through a scale over and over; thats what worked for me because I couldn't be bothered to practise for extended periods of time, so I just did it while watching TV.
  20. Bootaaay

    gettin a DS

    I'd highly reccomend any of the following; Yoshi's Island DS New Super Mario Bros Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Castlevania: Portrain of Ruin Phoenix Wright Starfox Command Advance Wars Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Final Fantasy III