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  1. Red2112

    War on the Sea

    War on the Sea by KillerFish games (same devs as Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet) has been released today on Steam... Mike
  2. Red2112

    ATF and AATF scenario depot

    Is there any way to get the user created scenarios for ATF and AATF? Shrapnel forum seems dead, and while I was able to get access to the forum, I can´t post anything (no permision), which is the first place I would ask. Support dosen´t reply either. WarfareHQ dose not exsist anymore so I...
  3. Red2112

    ATF with BGC engine?

    Can someone please explain how to use the BGC: Episode One game engine with ATF? According to the BGC:E1 product page, BGC is compatible with ATF but either I mis-understand how that works, or I just don´t know how to do it. Thanks, Red
  4. Red2112

    Dr. James Sterrett

    From a recent post on PAXsims... Some might already know Dr. Sterrett from other articles. Red
  5. Red2112

    Maneuver Warfare

    Maneuver Warfare... Steam store: Red
  6. Red2112

    Carrier Battles 4

    Preview of the upcoming Carrier Battles 4 by Avalon Digital Games...
  7. Red2112

    Lock n Load Digital

    Both Nations at War, and LnL Tactical are in early access on Steam now. Great for those who want to learn both systems, or want to play multiplayer. I bought both, and while the AI needs some work (like most AI), it´s still fun and challenging. I think it´s meant more for MP, or to learn (get...
  8. Red2112

    ATF - AATF Win10 Resolution

    Hi folks, Just bought ATF, as Iam not to thrilled with the newer tactical PC games of today, and I tried almost all of them. With that out of the way, I did try the AATF demo but what put me off was the limited screen resolution (1280x1024). With ATF, my whole screen is filled (1980x1080)...
  9. Red2112

    Black Day for PC

    A one-man dev team (Helios Production) from France. He has also done work for some Arma III DLC´s. It reminds me of the old Ghost Recon, great fun! Red
  10. Red2112

    Star Citizen v3.7.0

    I wasen´t hable to play SC for a lack of a better PC, but with my recent build I decided to install SC again. To my surprise, aside from being able to run the game, it seems that the latest version of SC (now 3.7.1) is the most playable and stable since I backed SC back in 2013. Here´s my...
  11. Red2112

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Awesome! Red
  12. Red2112

    The Last Hundred Yards

    Unboxing The Last Hundred Yards, a tactical platoon level game by Mike Denson and GMT Games... Red
  13. Red2112

    Mark Herman WBC 2019

    Mark Herman and Dan Pancaldi from No Enemies Here at WBC 2019... Red
  14. Red2112

    Less Then 60 Miles

    Unboxing Less Then 60 MIles by Fabrizio Vianello and Thin Red Line Games... RedOneAlpha
  15. Red2112

    Steel Division 2

    This looks quite good... Mike
  16. Red2112

    D-Day Squadron

    Great folks, great event :) Mike
  17. Red2112

    Rule The Waves 2

    Just thought you all might want to know that the folks at NWS have put out a demo for the upcoming release (Friday 17th) of Rule The Waves 2. See link below... Have fun!
  18. Red2112

    Harpoon 4

    Just getting into the H4 (v4.1) system. For those of you who might be interested... Hope it´s not taged as promotional, as it´s out of print. Although they are working on the v4.2 rules set. Also looking at the "Command at Sea" (WII) system which I also like... Admins are free to delete...
  19. Red2112

    VG 5th Fleet unboxing

    Unboxing of this classic by Victory Games, 5th Fleet, designed by Joseph Balkoski... Red
  20. Red2112

    Posted deleted because flaged as advertisement?

    I recently posted a video of a upcoming game. I did a showcase of what the game is about. It´s not even out yet and wont be till Q3. The post has been deleted because of advertisement. Kind of odd as any thing you post with regards to ANY game could be flaged/taged as advertisement. Iam not...