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  1. Michael R

    Festung Budapest Assault Engineers in VASL

    I have the FB extension installed, but I cannot find them. There is also a blank spot in the Axis Minor squad window.
  2. Michael R

    The Canadian ASL Association

    This is the time of the year when the Canadian ASL Association (CASLA) looks for new members and reminds existing members that their membership renewals are due. The primary mission of the CASLA is to support the Canadian ASL Open (CASLO) each year. We have been doing that for over twenty...
  3. Michael R


    I've written an illustrated AAR for CH21 A RIDGE TOO FAR. Marines undergo a seaborne evacuation off the beach while being attacked by the Japanese.
  4. Michael R


    The rule states (in part): G12.62 ORDNANCE DIRECT FIRE: If AP-type ammo (i.e., AP/APCR/APDS, or any non-Aerial MG, 12.7 or 15mm weapon, or HEAT) was fired, one of the following will occur: if the Final TK DR is < half of the applicable Final TK#, one DP is inflicted; if that DR is > half of...
  5. Michael R

    G11.33 and the "does not invoke the +2 Search drm given in G1.63"

    I want to confirm that I understand when the +2 of 1.63 does not apply. A cave in concealment terrain: the +2 applies. A cave not in concealment terrain: the +2 does not apply. TIA
  6. Michael R

    Rowhouse vertex hindrance apply? B23.71

    In the above image, imagine an American unit in hex O7. The American unit bypasses the black bar on the right side, in LOS of the Pz4, to enter O6. Hex P6 is an out-of-season orchard hex. I believe that the Pz4 must trace its LOS to the O6-O7-P6 vertex. I wondered if the hindrance at the vertex...
  7. Michael R


    I've written an illustrated AAR for CH38 ORANGE BEACH 3. Marines in amphibians conduct a seaborne assault to land on the island of Peleliu, as part of their island hopping campaign. Visit
  8. Michael R

    Chapter H: dagger with superscript in listings

    What the heck do they mean? I know the dagger means to read the text for the vehicle and look for a paragraph with a dagger. Sometimes the listing has a superscript number 1, 2, 3 etc. Does the 1 mean first dagger for that note? Or something else?
  9. Michael R

    G14.261 DYO SAN in Seaborne Assault

    Perry, The last sentence of G14.261 states "While its SAN is thusly increased, the Assaulting side's Sniper counter is not an eligible target for the enemy sniper." Since the sentence is part of a DYO section, I ask does that sentence apply to only DYO scenarios? Thank you. Michael Rodgers...
  10. Michael R

    another Rout question

    The broken squad in L7 must rout (DM removed for simplicity) because it is adjacent to a KEU. Can it low crawl to K8 instead of routing to K7? Assume no LOS from M7 to K8. TIA
  11. Michael R

    G21 CAT'S KILL

    I've written an illustrated AAR for G21 CAT'S KILL. It is a night scenario that has the 12th SS division attacking the Regina Rifles near Caen on June 8, 1944.
  12. Michael R

    Sniper and Seaborne Assault

    I found this interesting tidbit hidden in G14.26, a DYO section. I believe it applies to both regular and DYO scenarios. G14.261 SAN: The purchased SAN of the Assaulting side in a DYO daytime scenario is increased by the following applicable amount (to a maximum of 7). However, its SAN is...
  13. Michael R

    The only Bocage near my house

  14. Michael R

    CH4 Steutzpunkt Vierville

    I wrote an AAR for CH4 Steutzpunkt Vierville, a seaborne assault on Omaha beach.
  15. Michael R

    An interesting story from Dec 7, 1941

    The Ni'ihau Incident
  16. Michael R

    B23.71 and FFE Blast Area

    On 05/12/2021 10:41 PM Michael Rodgers <> wrote: Part of B23.71 states: Such units moving/routing on the ground level expend three MF (one to "bypass" in the hex it is leaving where it would be attacked by any OBA/Residual-FP and two to enter the building) Picture two...
  17. Michael R

    C1.52 TEM vs FFE

    Picture two adjacent hexes A and B containing a single story wooden house. A contains an Allied unit with a DC. B contains an Axis unit. Hex B is in the blast area of an FFE. When the Allied unit places its DC in hex B, is it attacked by the FFE of hex B? If yes, is the unit considered to be...
  18. Michael R

    B7 DRM

    No. Yes. ....Perry MMP
  19. Michael R

    Larry asked...

    If you upgrade your counters, do you commingle, keep one for travel, or discard the old? When a revised scenario comes out, do you keep both, archive the old, or toss the old? Do you still have a v.1 ASLRB?
  20. Michael R

    B23.71 Rowhouse bypass in an FFE hex

    I tried to find an answer to my query about entering/leaving a rowhouse hex and I came across this Q&A in the SR Compendium. B23.71 & C1.51 Assume a rowhouse Location within an FFE Blast Area. If Infantry in that Location exit the hex using "rowhouse bypass" (B23.71), are they attacked by the...