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  1. Veers

    Supply in EA 2012A

    Secadegas, that God among men, has made some excellent points regarding supply. See here. I have, therefore, begun to make some sweeping changes to supply in EA. Previously in TOAW there was a bug that prevented the event engine from removing a Force A supply point from territory occupied by...
  2. Veers

    Ea 2012

    First. I'm not back. Second. I apologise to everyone for dropping off and not saying anything. This was extraordinarily inconsiderate of me and I have felt bad about the whole of this last year or so. Third. It would appear that 3.4 has made the defender much more daunting. Therefore, in...
  3. Veers

    Italian Campaign 43-45 Menschenfresser vs Wyatt "Veers" Courtney

    Allied Planning: It's a pretty simple plan, all told. 5th Army (All US troops, plus UK 46 and 56 IDs) will land at Salerno, and just hold on for dear life against any German counter-attacks. 8th Army, meanwhile, will advance up the toe, and the east coast and hit, what I hope will be, the...
  4. Veers

    Italian Campaign 43-45 Marc Custer vs Wyatt "Veers" Courtney

    Turn 1: Allies: The British 46 and 56 IDs landed at and secured Salerno, securing supply for the Allied beachhead. The US 36th ID landed south of Salerno and drove east, pushing back the 16th PzGrD, and ensuring any Axis counter-acttacks woudl be pointless. 26th PzD was pushed around by...
  5. Veers

    Soviet units Reconstituting Behind Axis Lines

    Please rate, on a scale of 1 to 3, your level of annoyance with Soviet troops reconstituting behind Axis lines.
  6. Veers

    Allied Winter Shock

    On a scale of 1 to 3, please rate your annoyance with the fact that the Allies benefit globally from the 'Soviet' winter shock.
  7. Veers

    Eastern Med Sea Supply Road Removal

    When I first suggested to Mark that I could not remove all the Sea Supply Roads from the map, he immediately thought of the Eastern Med, where the sea supply roads caused the German player to have to occupy each island in turn, before they could get supply in the Levant. The following, I think...
  8. Veers

    Up the Bloody Boot PLAYTEST Allies DAR

    Playtest against Jonathan "Polynike" McNeice of my mod of Marc Custer's Italian Campaign, entitled Up the Bloody Boot simply to keep it distinct. Changelist -Changed VPs to reflect a German Overwhelming Victory being keeping the Allies below the Gustav Line, a German Significant Victory...
  9. Veers

    VPs, WTF?

    I'm trying to eliminate all VPs in a scenario, and I thought I did, but loaded up the game and there were still some there, taking a look I see that the objective VPs that I missed do not exist in the editor? Anyone have a clue as to why?
  10. Veers

    Turn Range in the Event Engine

    When I set an even to be activated on turn 10 and set turn range to 5, is that event going to fire on A) Turn 10-15 OR B) Turn 5-15 Who has the answer?
  11. Veers

    The Bad News

    As very few of you will know, my PC died at the end of December. Turns out it was the HD. Much was lost, most of it, I had back-ups of (personal pics, mostly). I took it to a guy that got a lot of my stuff of the HD, but a lot was unrepairable. This included parts of my TOAW directory, including...
  12. Veers

    Diary from the Burma Campaign (Allied) [PARTIAL]

    8 January, 1942 To what fate have I arrived? I have arrived in Burma, at the capital and main port of the country, Rangoon. Through low cloud and near zero visibility, my Indian pilot skilfully touched down in our light transport amid the bustle of activity that a city often will experience...
  13. Veers

    AGS Hungarian Campaign (Wyatt's Soviet AAR) [COMPLETE]

    As I'm sure you can see by Silvain's own thread having been posted, we've decided to knock each other silly yet again, this time with a slightly modified version of Trey Marshall's AGS Hungarian Campaign. In here you'll find the Soviet view of the situation.
  14. Veers

    Introduce Yourself!

    Read the Title, then do what it says! New or old, feel free to add a few words about yourself here!
  15. Veers

    Europa 1947 - Allied AAR (Public Play Test) [PARTIAL]

    I just wanted to get this in first. :D:D
  16. Veers

    Eastern Crusade

    Has anyone waited till June '41 (When a lot of German Pz Corps arrive) to launch an Eastern Crusade, with or without the French extending the Maginot line?
  17. Veers

    EA MultiPlayer Poll

    The Poll says it, MPs in control of their commanders, able to assign them to different fronts, or the 'commanders' in charge of specific nationalities. Personally, I think the 'commanders' idea would be cool. I also think the 'commanders' avenue would be better served with one more commander...
  18. Veers

    Xml Oob

    Ok, I have an XML file of an OOB, but I can't remember how I created it or how I would load it, now edditted, back into a scenario...any tips? :D
  19. Veers

    What's Most Important to YOU?

    I may or may not have some free time coming up that I may or may not put towards EA development, or putting out turns to my opponents. So, in that spirit :clown: I'd like to know what YOU feel would be the best use of time put into the development of EA. Lots of things have been suggested on...
  20. Veers


    Currently with EA, Disbandment is strictly forbidden, except in the case of disbanding units if they end up on Sea Supply Roads (which, by the way, won't be a problem, anymore, with EA 4.0). My question to the general public is, then: Should disbandment be allowed? Some limits would need...