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  1. Robin Reeve

    Phase marker - doesn't go further than Turn 10

    Hi, I just played a scenario with 11 turns, and the Phase marker indicated Turn 1 when I clicked Next Phase after the last CCPh of the second player's Turn 10. Not a dramatical issue, but perhaps could it be possible to have the marker go up to 99 turns? Or, more practically, to 29?
  2. Robin Reeve

    A4.72 and 12.14 : Advance into Difficult non open ground Terrain and concealment

    Does a concealed unit which advances in Difficult Terrain (A4.72) into a hex which is not Open Ground (as defined in A10.531) (cf. A12.14) in the LOS of a good order enemy unit retain concealment? Yes, concealment is retained. ....Perry MMP
  3. Robin Reeve

    Activation of units which don't fire

    Hi, I see some rules which say that, when an activated S? does not perform a concealment-loss activity, the units remain concealed : S3.32 ADVANCE ATTITUDE, case d S5.3 under MANDATORY ENEMY ATTACK : "each non-firing unit remains concealed" I presume that 5.3 is the decisive text to confirm...
  4. Robin Reeve

    A10.532 TI Interdictor ?

    Hi, just need to check things : am I right that a TI unit may not Interdict? A10.53 speaks of "an unbroken enemy unit capable of fire on it [the routing unit]" : as a TI unit is not capable of fire, I presume that it cannot interdict. No mention of TI in 10.532, though - but I presume that 10.53...
  5. Robin Reeve

    Overlays not appearing

    Hi all, I and a friend, using the last VASL and VASSAL versions had a problem with an overlay. I set up the board using the old fashion overlay placement system, but my friend could not see the overlay (a stream one). But when he used the drag and drop overlay system, we both saw it - in my...
  6. Robin Reeve

    S8.62 ENEMY Final Fire

    Hi all, Still relearning SASL after a lapse of about 15 years or more... S8.62 FIBAL FIRE says "A Good Order Activated ENEMY unit eligible to Final Fire will do so if it has a Target." The rule mentions the ENEMY Attack Table {A3} but not the Action DR - while the latter is clearly mentioned for...
  7. Robin Reeve

    Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas to all of you! May you all find some rest and peace in these strange times ! We, gamers, know that there are other places for our mind to wander in, than the everyday life: may we find ways to help our kin and neighbours go through their diverse trials with that "vision beyond"...
  8. Robin Reeve

    S15.1 Friendly units BPV calculation

    Hi all, I am cross posting this from the rules folder, because there are more players who practice SASL over here and who can answer my question. Trying a comeback to SASL after perhaps 15 years of being away from that system. And I have a basic question about the 130 BPV of Infantry MMC. S15.1...
  9. Robin Reeve

    S15.1 Friendly units : BPV calculation.

    Hi all, Trying a comeback to SASL after perhaps 15 years of being away from that system. And I have a basic question about the 130 BPV of Infantry MMC. S15.1 says that you use rules H1.2-26, H1.28 and H1.74-83. Do you add the PF range to the German squads BPV after H1.211? And do you multiply...
  10. Robin Reeve

    US MVA Note F : bow mounted FT on place of BMG

    Hi all, I don't remember having seen any scenario featuring a FT substituting a BMG on US tanks where note F applies. I only have one picture if that type of adaptation on the cover of Liddel-Hart's history of WW2. If that feature was current enough to be pointed out in chapter H, it seems that...
  11. Robin Reeve

    D9.3 Partially armored cover?

    Hi, D9.3 says that "An unarmored vehicle exerts no TEM until it becomes a wreck. " What about a partially armored vehicle ? D1.22 still calls it an AFV, so I presume that it does exert TEM when it is not a wreck (yet). Do I get it right?
  12. Robin Reeve

    Swedish Volunteers counters

    Hi all, I tried to download the "True Blue Swedish Volunteers" from, but it didn't work. There is an indication about a "Post on Gamesquad by CountermanCX", but clicking on the link, it leads to the GS main page... Are there those Swedish Volunteers counters somewhere? Thanks in...
  13. Robin Reeve

    A17.2 Wounded movement and A4.72 Advance in Difficult Terrain

    Hi all, Just to check, A17.2 says that a wounded SMC "cannot Double Time". But if it advances at a cost of 3 MF, I presume that it will become CX and that such advance (covered by Advance in Difficult Terrain), not being Double Time, is allowed?
  14. Robin Reeve

    D3.7 MA disabled Recall effects

    Hi all, D3.7 says : "Any vehicle whose MA and all Secondary Armament (if any, as per Vehicle Listing) are all disabled is immediately Recalled (5.341) unless that vehicle has Passenger/Towing capability. " Does this Recall status include the "+1" DRM that is the effect of a STUN result? I...
  15. Robin Reeve

    D3.7 and 5.34 When can an AFV be stunned during RPh?

    D3.7 says : "Repair of each malfunctioned weapon can be attempted once per RPh with a separate dr for each malfunctioned weapon by any inherent crew that is not shocked or stunned." As the Stun marker is removed during the preceding CCPh and as the AFV is no more stunned, what situation would...
  16. Robin Reeve

    D4.3 Underbelly hit: range and Location of the event

    Hi all, D4.3 UNDERBELLY HITS says that an Underbelly hit can occur vs. an AFV "within six hexes of the hex being entered". However, it also says that "such Defensive First Fire is conducted after the AFV expends the MP to cross-the-hexside/exit-the-gully but before it enters the next hex"...
  17. Robin Reeve

    logfile saving problem

    Hi, The problem is on my side, as I have had the same with two different players. When I want to end a logfile, I have an error message saying that I wasn't able to save the logfile. Now, if I use the "close game" function (i.e. not stopping the logfile), the logfile is correctly saved... But in...
  18. Robin Reeve

    BFP 431 VAS extension : where do I find the BFP Polish units?

    Senior moment here... I have the BFP 4.3.1 extension, and I can find among the unit lists the German, Russian and Axis Minor units included in PiF (there is a PiF menu included in those respective nationalities menus), but I cannot manage to find any Polish PiF units among the Allied minors ones...
  19. Robin Reeve

    vasltemplates problem ?

    Hi, I used the vasltemplates to add some useful notes in my setup file. I can open and close it fine, but my opponents cannot and have the following message : Where could be the problem ?
  20. Robin Reeve

    Mounted or SK style boards : what do you think is the better?

    Hi all, Having had a heated online debate with a couple newbies who consider that the switch to the SK style, lighter boards compared with the mounted ones, was a bad idea, I am interested to know what you think of the question. I would add that the criticism both considered that the lighter...