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  1. Fort

    Tourney Scenario Picks

    Any of these unsuitable for tournament play? Batty-P Double Trouble Milling About Hart Attack The Marketplace at Wormhoudt First Clash in Tunisia Let's Dance Snipers, Spandaus & Schrecks Turning the Screws War Ensemble Arms Race The RHA at Bay House of Pain Stand at Festubert...
  2. Fort

    Ramcke's Redoubt

    Is there a map change errata for this scenario: J172 Ramcke's Redoubt? I was looking at the map image on the ASL scenario archive and board a seems to be flipped 180 degrees from the scenario card. Thanks, G
  3. Fort


    Broken units don’t become lax just because they’re broken, correct?
  4. Fort

    Rogue One

    Just saw the movie. I never thought I would again feel like I did as a kid watching A New Hope for the first time. I wasn't even sure what that felt like anymore. Rogue One reminded me. It's the best movie I have seen in decades, maybe ever. I am very critical of Hollywood, then they go and do...
  5. Fort

    Red Barricades map issues

    Could you folks go over the Red Barricades map issues so I can make sure all are addressed? Thanks, Fort
  6. Fort

    70th Anniversary

    Anyone planning on attending this?
  7. Fort

    Boards for next AP...

    Here are rough proofs of the next series of boards. There are several changes yet to be done, but wanted to get these out for folks to see. Doh, I deleted them from my photobucket account...:p
  8. Fort

    AP FKM (next)..Maps

    Here are some copies of maps that we are looking at working up for future AP's...(The one I posted earlier of the collective farm is in the next AP we (FKM) do) Comments appreciated.
  9. Fort

    New Map (playtest version)

    Here is one of the proposed maps for the next series we are working on. It is a small farm...what do you folks think about the inclusion of two small rises in the two grain fields represented by slopes (mainly to break up the billiard tableness, but also needed for one of the scenarios)?
  10. Fort

    Map cojnguration..

    Many thanks to Tom Repetti for Vaslizing our boards, here is an example of how they will look laid out in a typical config:
  11. Fort


    IMHO Slopes as presented in KGP are one of the best terrain addtions, if not THE best, that have ever been done. They add an entirely new dimension the playing surface, allowing hill plateaus to be broken up, allowing certain positions to see over those grain fields and walls, etc.