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  1. apbills

    Falling Rubble, RF Cellars

    O6.1 states in part: "A RF Cellar Location is considered the equivalent of another non-rooftop building Location in that hex (even for falling rubble [B24.12] and Victory Condition purposes) except as specified otherwise. " What does that mean for Falling Rubble? B24.12 states in part: "The...
  2. apbills

    Concealment loss - Building to Trench in RB

    Last sentence of B27.54 states "Infantry moving from one connecting trench to another are never subject to the FFNAM/FFMO DRM, Snap Shots, Interdiction, or minefield attacks. ... Units may use Non-Assault Movement between connecting trenches without loss of concealment." In Chapter O, RF6 it...
  3. apbills

    OBA Access Draw text color

    I have no idea if this has been around forever, however, using VASSAL 3.4.8 / VASL 6.6.1 I have changed my chat window background in my preferences to black and my system messages to white. When you draw an OBA card, it comes in as black text (and was hidden). None the other text color choices...
  4. apbills

    html help in VASL

    Can html be used to modify the MP color on one of the generic counters? If so, what code must be used for the entry to recognize you are using html to modify it? i.e., when I use alt-M to enter the MPs, what html code do I need to wrap it with in order to get the MP to show up red on that counter?
  5. apbills

    Panzer Lehr - Composition

    I was looking at the organization tables in the back of the Longest Day rulebook and the Panzer Lehr division is one of the ones they give some details. In the Panzer Regiment HQ, they show a company of King Tigers (14 total) with the note: "Regimental HQ had a fourteen tank company of...
  6. apbills

    American Vehicle Note 25, M36 GMC

    The first sentence in this note states: "The M36 Gun Motor Carriage was basically an M10A1 GMC (an M4A3 Medium with an M10 GMC turret; none saw combat) with a new turret and a 90mm gun derived from the M1 towed AA weapon." This implies the M36 had an M4A3 tank hull. Every picture I have seen...
  7. apbills

    CDG2 errata?

    Just a few of what I think are typos that I have come across as I work through the rules (as I get them into html). None of these are earth shattering. 3.64: last sentence, "... is Beach across" should be " Beached across" 4.2 CG8: In the exception, "... SSR 12" should be "...SSR CG12" to...
  8. apbills

    Italian Nationality Chart

    On the chart provided in FTC Pack 9 the Smoke Grenades column has 3 types of entries (not including just a dash). First is for the FANTERIA - "Smoke 1". Second is for the FOLGORE (post-4 September 42) and for the FOLGORE Recon (pre-43) - which is "Smoke (1)". Third is for the FOLGORE (pre- 5...
  9. apbills

    RF Questions

    Moving this from the Rules & Errata Section I am looking at the artwork of the Slag Heap (ROCC15 - FF16 area) and my eyes are too old. Is this a combination of Stone Rubble (CC15-CC16-DD14-DD15-DD16-DD17-EE15-EE16-EE17-FF14-FF15) and Debris (BB16-CC17-EE14-FF16-GG15)? Or, is all of this...
  10. apbills

    RO Slag Heap

    Moved to the MMP sub-forum
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    O10.1 Temporary Warehouse LOS

    Does LOS exist between ROI24 and ROI26? It appears the center dots are just outside the building depiction, in the open Ground space of the hexes. The ROI21-I23 and ROJ24-J26 building center dots are within the building depiction; the ROJ21-J23 dots are right on the line of the building...
  12. apbills

    Vinyl table top protectors

    I am thinking about something more portable than plexiglass for laying over the HASL boards and see a 2mm thick clear vinyl product is available in multiple sizes. Has anyone used something like that? I am thinking thick enough to weigh it down, but flexible enough to roll up and not curl too...
  13. apbills

    C:tR questions

    I created this thread since I have a question, not an errata. Reading Section 9 and 10 I am confused about the ability of GA Aircraft and heavy bomb loads. 9.1 states they conduct attacks exactly as Fighter Bombers. 10.1 and the examples all talk about Strafing runs. 10.2 states "Bomb loads may...
  14. apbills

    Boards 80-83

    I have somehow missed something. I don't seem to have, nor know, what product came out with boards 80, 81, 82 and 83. It must have been awhile ago as they are listed on the VASL download site. Any help?
  15. apbills

    ASL levels vs actual topographical height from maps

    I am looking at diving into making an ASL map from a topographical map I have of an area of interest. What rules of thumb does anyone have regarding levels? I do not have the stoumont area topographical map so can not compare how they did it in that area. Any help?
  16. apbills

    GD1 - La Guerre Finie!

    I am confused about SSR 6 -German forces are Elite (C8.2). I don't see any weapon in the German OB that has a ammo depletion number in effect in 1940. The Pak35/36 starts with APCR in '41. The H6[9] should not be available until May '42 (since it is HEAT). What am I missing? Was this just a...
  17. apbills

    BFP Overlay 6a

    What hexes would you put into the add overlays dialog for overlay bfp6a? Looking to setup bfp22 Speed over Caution.
  18. apbills

    C3.33 Area Target Type and mortars

    > Rule:C3.33 > Question:If there are no non-hidden enemy targets in a hex within LOS of a > mortar, can that mortar fire and hit enemy units that are out of LOS in that > hex? (e.g., units IN gully or lower level building Locations) > No. ....Perry MMP
  19. apbills

    O11.621 - HIP SMC

    > Rule:O11.621 > Question:Is the FPP cost of a HIP SMC who sets up in the same Location with a HIP MMC zero (i.e., free)? Or is it one? > No. It is one. ....Perry MMP
  20. apbills

    Random Loss Die Rolls

    I pulled this from the Perry Sez folder: A7.301 covers it. All are KIA. D6.9 states each takes an individual cs DR to determine its own fate. No leader DRM are applicable to any CS/cs roll that I know of.