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    Over the years I’ve become less concerned about the W’s and more focused on enjoying the experience. Winning through gotcha’s doesn’t appeal to me at all.
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    Would the Soviets have access to napalm by the mid 50s?

    What you’re looking for is ammo with the ’BK’ designation; the Soviet label for HEAT. Google it and see what you find. I am sure that type was used in everything from 76.2mm and up weapons, especially after WWII. The later smooth bore guns definitely used shaped charge ammo.
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    Would the Soviets have access to napalm by the mid 50s?

    Soviets had and used napalm since the mid 40’s. Capable of aircraft delivery since the late 40’s. Paper: “Capability and Likelihood of Soviet Employment of Napalm-Type and Flame-Throwing Weapons” It’s behind a paywall, your university may have free access. Ammo types: T-54
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    The number of possibilities in ASL

    This one goes to 11.
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    Jackson has just posted that Paul Weir has died.

    2020 keeps taking and taking. Condolences to his family and loved ones.
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    German Vehicle Note K

    Do you have any real world military experience? I'm tired of wasting my time with noobs... ;) I'm up for a game, let me know what you have in mind. G
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    German Vehicle Note K

    At the risk of coming off as elitist and ruffling a few feathers (something I never do). ASL is an extremely challenging game system. Newer, and casual, players will have different opinions than gronards or Grofazen...and, to be blunt, there are many players whose skill is not what they think it...
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    ^ That.
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    Nishne Nyet SSR2 question

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    ASL Superstitions

    For best chance at a win never have a McGrath, Pleva or Bendis on your table or across from you at your table. I always play with a version of Connor if just feels right to give him table time on the cardboard.
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    ASL Superstitions

    So, what's a 4-sider? I'm thinking Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino...only 4 options and they're all sharp and pointy.
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    WW2 Bazooka vs Infantry in Woods

    The Baz had an incendiary round.
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    AP88 Full Moon Madness VC

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    The Agony of Doom, comments and AARs requested

    I've only played this once. Was the Russians and won. I don't remember much about it, except that lots of death all around.
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    ASL never was developed, would you still be playing SL?

    Yes, it is obvious that a post about a preference is a matter opinion, especially when followed by ‘IMHO’...which, literally, means In My Humble OPINION. But, thanks for the unnecessary as it may have been.
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    ASL never was developed, would you still be playing SL?

    Lots of GMT fans pad the ratings. Twilight Struggle is a very good game, but it's not a wargame and its not in the top 10 overall, IMHO. Gloomhaven is an ok game, it has rabid fans, but it has no depth of play and once you've completed the storyline there is very little replayability.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Gotta agree. The French are the side to play if your life depends on it.
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    Roll them bones?

    I almost always will take a shot no matter the odds if there is no malfunction possible and the firing unit is not likely to get a better shot.
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    Statistics Question

    P.S. I think Greenwood was the brains behind the final IFT...and ASL's IFT.