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  1. SonOfTheNorth

    ? and off-board setup

    This is such an elementary question, but we seem to debate this every single game. Defense has a 18 concealment markers. Attacker sets up off-board for turn 1. In the game setup phase, which scenario is correct? Scenario A (I'm pretty sure this is wrong, and way too generous to the...
  2. SonOfTheNorth

    Dummy/Concealment ML 7?

    This is a bit hard to find in the RB, since it's probably nestled into paragraphs of where the rule is actually applicable, but my buddy and I were wondering why the ? counter has a ML 7 on it? What are the cases where this is used? I think we mostly understand the concealment rules for...
  3. SonOfTheNorth

    Bypassing Resid & a few odd questions

    My buddies and I need a bit of clarification of some things that for whatever reason are not obvious to us from the rulebook: 1) When using Bypass to skirt a building, and there is resid in the hex that shares the hex-side you're walking, do you take the resid? (We think yes, because Resid...
  4. SonOfTheNorth

    AAR from ManClub: ASL1 - Fighting Withdrawl(sic)

    [tl;dr - Second full ASL game; having a great time.] So, R and I had a few hours to dive into ASL on Wednesday night. We looked in BV and Paratrooper for a short and...