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  1. Kraut

    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    Well, in theory you are correct, but again the game engine doesn't allow us to let it handle these aspects of the war, as it simply completely fails in doing it. One reason is that interdiction is always simulated across the entire map, so if you have a map of western europe to play a game of...
  2. Kraut

    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    Well, I think every invasion should only be possible with overwhelming air and sea superiority, thats one of the reasons why the germans never tried Sealion, because they knew they couldn't risk it as long as the RAF and RN were still operational. So, any solution that requires such essential...
  3. Kraut

    Game anyone?

    CoW is the Father of TOAW III, it's TOAW - Century of Warfare, the game from which TOAW III is descended :) They aren't compatible, so somebody with CoW cant play against somebody with TOAW III.
  4. Kraut

    USSR - Baltic States ?

    The SU 'persuaded' the baltic states mid 1940 to join their great union of soviet states, I think deploying 'security forces' to the baltics is all fair for the SU by than :)
  5. Kraut

    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    Telumar, I think this is the situation you wanted to see (in your las picture the unit would be cut off in eitehr way as it is completely surrounded by enemy units: The dark red marks where 've moved the enemy units, and the light red it a unit's ZOC through which no enemy supply can...
  6. Kraut

    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    OK, I think I found a solution to one of TOAWs scenario design challenges, which is how to simulate invasions, or more to the point, beachheads and their supply. Most of the time designers will just put a friendly supply point on a beach hex, but that creates some problems, for example either...
  7. Kraut

    XXX Heavy Bomber Interdiction XXX

    Are you sure HB should be allowed to fly CS missions? The only time they were used was in direct attack missions, but never for combat support. Before Operation Cobra started (where the Heavy Bombers bombed german positions prior to the Normandy breakout) allied forced had to increase their...
  8. Kraut

    TOAW III New Player Workshop - Enrollment

    "prevents" is the word you were looking for :p
  9. Kraut

    Initial Team Rosters & Match-ups

    Disband ALL units, than write your opponent that you are so happy that you finally received the invisibility cloaks you requested from your science office (hint that it's a random event at 2% propability), and immediately applied them to turn all your units invisible. Tell him that you are on...
  10. Kraut

    Revised Two Weeks in Normandy

    yes and yes :D
  11. Kraut

    Revised Two Weeks in Normandy

    We should build a first-turn DB, I have some DNO opening turns that make your all warm and fuzzy inside while watching them :devious: :PIMP:
  12. Kraut

    Questions on the Conduct of War in EA

    But don't expect too much from the frenchies either, in a game vs Mantis I had the perfect french defence, I made him kill every last french unit to take Paris, yet in the end it still seemed as if the germans were just walking over me without really taking notice of my defence attemps ("Lovely...
  13. Kraut

    TOAW III New Player Workshop - Enrollment

    Pierre, you are a Rookie first-time TOAW player? Yeah, for sure :lier: looking for some easy humiliation of TOAW newbies? :devious: :laugh: :clown: :laugh:
  14. Kraut

    reconstituted units

    I think most players agreed that the allies can keep those units and that you could simply consider them as free-french, free-belgians, that didnt surrender but escaped and continue to fight alongside the allies. Maybe with some limitations, as for example that these units are limited to the...
  15. Kraut

    Götterdämmerung in Osten v1.8 (AAR 2) Dicke Bertha vs Xandamere

    My finnish front on 18th Aug. 1944 in a game vs. Menschenfresser (the soviets surrendered after this turn)
  16. Kraut

    Fire in the East 4.1 Nordic

    I've just finished the latest animation, showing turn 1-12 (which I'm currently busy doing), enjoy ;)
  17. Kraut

    Fire in the East 4.1 Nordic

    27th July, 1941 Das Oberkommando der Wehrmacht gibt bekannt: well, what shall I say, this is the soviets death struggle, and all they still try to achieve is to save their capital city, while surrendering the rest of their country to the invaders. All reserves went to moscow, still existing...
  18. Kraut

    Fire in the East 4.1 Nordic

    23rd July, 1941 Das Oberkommando der Wehrmacht gibt bekannt: It's getting interesting, the german army is closing in on Moscow and Leningrad and the soviets havent yet found a way to stop or even slow us down, but now is the time where they can no longer afford to retreat, now they have to...
  19. Kraut

    Italian surrender

    The problem really are all those 'this hex will cause an enemy nation to surrender' hexes, as long as they are easily reached the opposing player will always try to occupy it, if just for 1 turn on a suicide mission, to trigger the surrender. A possible solution: The capture of hex x,y will...