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    PoA2.5 and TU updates (2017)

    So, what happened to this update?
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    PoA2.5 and TU updates (2017)

    Could I also get a link?
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    POA 2 - Dead?? What happened?

    Modern wargames have never been my thing, so I was hoping that a new TOP using POA engine would come in the future. Now I dont know what to belive anymore. Seems like I still have to play on DOS. :rolleyes:
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    The link between Moral & Fatique

    I think Tigers On the Prowl had the same problem. The infantry got wavering by just moving. If you play as russians you could hardly move at all, since the soldiers almost "broke" when they had to move 500m. :( I tried to "simulate" the waveattacks one read so much about, but i never...