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    Togo's historical AAR from Tsushima Straight

    Those of you into predreadnought battles may find this interesting: And a Russian perspective on both the Yellow Sea AND Tsushima:
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    2/6 MP: Yellow Sea MP Tsar's Crown Jewels

    Another ship belched smoke and flame, then staggered out of line under the brutal pounding. The survivors simply reloaded and fired another broadside. Both fleets were battered, beaten shadows of their former selves. Only a few ships remained in line on either side. Yet still they sped on...
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    Battle in the Yellow Sea

    11 August, 1904 From: Captain Eduard Schensnovich, aboard Battleship Retvizan To: Czar Nicholas II Your Majesty, it is with heavy heart that I report the events of August 10, 1904. As instructed by Your Majesty, the 1st Pacific Squadron and Admiral Vitgeft set out to break the blockade...
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    The Bergen Run, Multi-player

    Aww, I wish I could have been there. Sounds like you had a great game. Instead I was at a model warship combat club meeting, getting promoted to rear admiral. Gascan and I have both bought the US ship pack, so hopefully we'll be online for the next multiplayer game.
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    Lutzow's First Patrol

    I'm actually kinda curious, how would Britain reacted, historically, to raids like this? Would they send the whole GF out in pursuit, or would they send a smaller unit like the BCF or individual battle squadrons? How would their reaction differ if they didn't get warning from Room 40?
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    German Campaign

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    June 7 MP: Jutland 1548

    The MP club met for another round of Jutland 1548. This time the High Seas Fleet was in the process of solidly stomping the Grand Fleet when everyone had to go. Initial losses as follows: German DDs: V69, V45, V46, S50, G37, V4, V6, V48, G42, and G39 British BBs: Monarch, Centurion...
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    Sunday MP AAR 3rd May

    Sounds like you had problems with getting too close. When I play that scenario as British, my strategy was to get as close as possible, to take advantage of all the guns w/o director fire. I wonder if you were having trouble with their 9.2" secondaries, too? Sounds like you had quite a match...
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    Sunday AAR: The Beef Trip

    What I've noticed is that a single torpedo hit to the Aurora puts it at 100% permanent flooding, so even a single additional shell penetrating the damaged side and causing flooding will put it over the limit. I was fortunate in that I could turn Aurora around and present my un-damaged side...
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    Sunday MP AAR

    no problem on the ACH thing. Beatty didn't know whether or not his ships had deficient shells and a tendency to explode, and I found it a rather interesting and different experience when I didn't know, either. Thus I took a guess and took a risk, and the rest is history. I hope to do it again...
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    Sunday Multiplayer March 1

    Well, the Battle of the Big Red Sky is over. A force of two Nassau-class dreadnoughts, two Helgoland class dreadnoughts, plus three scout cruisers and eight destroyer escorts, encountered a division of two King George V class dreadnoughts and four Orion class dreadnoughts, accompanied by three...
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    Sunday Multiplayer game

    While writing up this AAR, Gascan and I put our combined tactical heads together, and have decided to write an analysis of the fighting, discussing the tactics and strategies used in this game. I will discuss the important points topic-by-topic. 1) The Turn to the West: At the very...
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    German Campaign 1st week

    Gee, that sounds familiar... I seem to remember Gascan had a similar experience. If you haven't already, read about his experience here: Good luck, I hope your fleet makes it home safe.
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    Two multiplayer games

    The plucky, unlucky Australia:
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    Red sky at morning, 3rd Battle Squadron take warning

    Hey, folks. In celebration of me fixing my confusing networking problems (even the experts couldn't solve it, but a $10 network card did), I played a pair of multiplayer games on Sunday. I also took some video, which I edited and posted on Youtube:
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    March 4th and Scheer is Dead

    Wow, that's pretty impressive. What were your own losses, asides from Admiral Scheer?