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  1. JDS8072

    Problem after merge

    When it was just ACG by itself, I was the ultimate spammer type person. I had over 3500 post alone. I was number 3 in the top ten standings. Most of them fast blasts. But since y'all have cut down, I shall be more about quality instead of quanity.
  2. JDS8072

    Cmbb Pbem

    Hello all I am a fairly new player of CMBB and would like to try my first pbem against someone. I would like use this as a learning tool for future use. Thank You Jeremy
  3. JDS8072

    New To CMBO and CMBB

    Thank you plantir.
  4. JDS8072

    The future of the Campaign Series

    Although I havent played it in quite sometime, I still think the game is one of the best designed and wonderfully tuned games. Ive been looking for a copy of it lately and wished now I had not thrown it away. I might have to go to and buy it from there. But these games can be...
  5. JDS8072

    New To CMBO and CMBB

    Hi. I just recently purchased CMBO and CMBB. From what little I have played these games, I have been very pleased in playing them. Could someone direct me to where I can find documents regarding German doctrine for fighting in the hedgrows and also as what fighting was like in Russia? I am...
  6. JDS8072

    Introduction Of Myself

    Hello from The Republic Of Texas. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Scott and I am 24yrs old. After about a year off from gaming I have decided it was time to get back in. For those of you who visit the Armchair General Board, y'all already know me. My goal here is to learn...
  7. JDS8072

    For all you Combat Mission fans - favourite version of the game?

    killing commies up close and personal with a panzerchreck is fun :bowdown:
  8. JDS8072

    For all you Combat Mission fans - favourite version of the game?

    I just bought CMBB at Electronic Boutique today and am having a blast. I just got my arse kicked when trying to defend a town with an understrengthed company. But I did manage to knockl out two JStalins. What a rush
  9. JDS8072

    Warfare HQ and Armchair General to join forces with new forum!

    Wonder if WarfareHQ has any women :D
  10. JDS8072

    Lord of the Rings

    King Kong, with hot chick :drool:
  11. JDS8072

    Best Racing Movies All Time

    what about gone in 60 seconds with nicolas cage
  12. JDS8072

    Wargame Review: El Alamein 1942

    Thanks Jim, I have The French and Indian Wars game from HPS. They are a good company.
  13. JDS8072

    The Only Mod You Will Ever Need

    Buys Marines a beer
  14. JDS8072

    Evil Genius

    When does the game come out??
  15. JDS8072

    Just Got War In The Pacific

    After reading the reviews and seeing what all my friends say on other boards, I finally got War In The Pacific. The problem for me is that I am having a hard time trying to patch it. Ive got both 1.20 as well as 1.21. When I try running the patches, it asks for a serial number, how can I get one...
  16. JDS8072

    War Movie ELECTIONS!

    Ice dude, you made a good argument so no woodchipping today
  17. JDS8072

    ACG Forums still being hacked?

    its a gold thingy
  18. JDS8072

    ACG Forums still being hacked?

    Some of us dont have the luxury of having a M-F 9 to 5 job. There are some of us who do shift work at refineries :crazy: why I dont know but we do
  19. JDS8072

    ACG Forums still being hacked?

    Brian, I notice especially around 2 or 3am at night, when I am at work, it always seems to slow down to th e point of almost not wanting to load. I will go to my other magainze sites and they have no problem. Do y'all upgrade stuff at that time or could it just be my plant's server network, just...
  20. JDS8072

    ACG Forums still being hacked?

    Brain.... work..... nah...... Seriously keep up the good work Brian. :banana: