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  1. chrisvalla

    You are gonna think I am a moron.

    You mean it's not the unpublished predecessor to Pong? :argh:
  2. chrisvalla

    JFK Reloaded

    Damn, I missed that tycoon game. Probably couldn't have beaten Mengles high score anyway :( I can barely play mob games. Hopefully it will be such a poor financial performer that economic Darwinism kills it off. Not likely, but at least it's not likely to get into the mainstream.
  3. chrisvalla

    JFK Reloaded

    Not high on my list...(actually, it didn't even make the list) I can think of better uses for $30.
  4. chrisvalla

    Act of War: Direct Action

    Woohoo! An A-10 screaming down the Mall plastering Congress... I mean... no, that would be bad... bad... :whist:
  5. chrisvalla

    Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

    This is high on my list of 'must buys'... just not at full retail price.
  6. chrisvalla

    Imperial Glory

    Didn't want to load for me... I'll have to come back to it later...
  7. chrisvalla

    Surely they can't help out everyone

    Having played Starships Unlimited, I'm thinking Matrix would be wise to just steer clear of sci-fi games and stick with what they know best.
  8. chrisvalla

    Axis & Allies gets a 6.0/10 from gamespot...

    Just what I needed... and expected.
  9. chrisvalla

    PS2 or XBOX

    I've played shooters, fighting games, and combat sims on the XB... it just don't work for me... period... and if I'm not having fun, what's the point? Actually I have both the PC and PS2 versions of GTA:VC, I prefer the PS2... except when it comes to weapons management... there isn't a game pad...
  10. chrisvalla

    PS2 or XBOX

    I hate the controllers for the X-box... PS2.
  11. chrisvalla

    Operation Justice To Hollywood!

    Woohoo! The Americans got the Enigma machine off U-571 and won the Battle of Britain! :p
  12. chrisvalla

    Which is a better Beer and Pretzels Game?

    SJ's Illuminati isn't bad either. As for Saturday night gaming... the girlfriends and wives of our group members would have an issue if we were out looking for other women. I'm fairly certain one guy would truly be rolling the dice with his life if he tried that... and I think anything...
  13. chrisvalla

    Name That Game

    RSR is short for 'Red Storm Rising'. It was a sub combat simulator for the C64 (and others I believe) in the late 80s early 90s. It was fairly good in its simplicity yet offered quite a bit of gameplay and loads (IMO) of re-playability. The premise behind it was that you as a US sub commander...
  14. chrisvalla

    Name That Game

    If only RSR looked that good... unless they did a remake (please, please, please...). Not the up and coming Dangerous Waters is it?
  15. chrisvalla

    Name That Game

    I didn't know they made Through the Looking Glass into a game... :laugh:
  16. chrisvalla

    tanker game...

    Yeah M1-2... umm... sucked until they patched it.
  17. chrisvalla

    A New Naval Sim

    PT 109 a long time ago in DOS-ville. Then there was ?HMS Pegasus? where you played various fast attack craft and hydrofoils.
  18. chrisvalla

    tanker game...

    I've played Tank! (old game), M1 Tank Platoon (I and II), and Steel Beasts... all were good given when they were released.
  19. chrisvalla

    Coolest PC Game

    coolest games... well, for their time... Bard's Tale (and II and III) Sim City (and 2000) Airborne Ranger Pirates Civ (and II) A-10 Tank Killer SMAC Doom (and follow ups) MOO and MOO II MOHAA (D-Day missions... nuff said) C&C (especially the Red Alert series) Half-Life Harpoon...
  20. chrisvalla

    Matrix Says You Can't Sell Your Downloaded Games!

    The business model, while good for Matrix, in a word, sucks for the players. By paying the money for the game (not a subscription service that offers many games and you're just buying 'time' to play them) I 'own' it and can do whatever the hell I damn well please with it (within the law)...