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  1. Kraut

    Solution to the Beachhead supply problems

    OK, I think I found a solution to one of TOAWs scenario design challenges, which is how to simulate invasions, or more to the point, beachheads and their supply. Most of the time designers will just put a friendly supply point on a beach hex, but that creates some problems, for example either...
  2. Kraut

    Fire in the East 4.1 Nordic

    This is an ongoing AAR of a game of FitE, plaing the latest Nordic version which includes the northern finnish Murmansk-front, Norway and Sweden (with the possibility of a soviet attack into Sweden to cut off iron ore shippment to germany). Because this game has just started I will delay...
  3. Kraut

    Omaha beach topographical map ?

    Anybody knows were I can find one (for free) ? The more detailed, the better :)
  4. Kraut

    anybody up for a real challenge ?

    I'm a CMBB noob, I don't play that much and have no PBEM experience (the only game I ever started got terminated in mid-game due to RL) and I thought about how to make 'best use' of my inexperience. My idea is that this will probably nicely simulate the soviet tactical disadvantage compared...
  5. Kraut

    Scenario Dump Analyzer 0.04

    I've written a small program to help me getting a better feel for longer scenarios of how the available replacements in-/decreases will affect the scenario balance, this might be a good tool for scenario designer or dedicated players who want to get a feel for longer scenarios and how their...
  6. Kraut

    Battle of Britain idea

    At the moment we have this pretty artificial 50/50 event of whether BoB will succeed or not, but wouldn't it be a lot nicer if german Me109/FW190 and british Hurricane and Spitfire would actually fight it out the way it is supposed to be to determine whether the Luftwaffe will gain air...
  7. Kraut

    Spanish atlantic wall ?

    I've just 'liberated' spain and was wondering, in an alternative history were Spain joind the axis, wouldn't they start to fortify their beaches to guard against an allied invasion ? Similar to the atlantic wall ? If yes, why are there no spanish costal batteries ?? :D Or is this already...
  8. Kraut

    Europe Aflame 1.8h - Operation Barbarossa

    As there was a looong discussion in the EA forum whether it is to easy for the axis to overwhelm the soviets I decided to start this small running AAR that gets updated every turn to keep you updated how my red army is doing against Mantis evil germans :) Prelude: the situation so far: Mantis...
  9. Kraut

    Quick'n'Dirty US fix

    The current problem with the US DoW is that regardless of when the US enters the war the production of their equipment will always start at the same (late) turn thus significantly weaken the US forces that come into play early on. As the production times of equipment cant be changed during...
  10. Kraut

    Serious Problem with the Atlantic-Wall

    Mark, as you've just finished the latest version, new bugs are discovered ;) This turn I bombed some Atlantic-Wall forts with my RN... and took zero losses! Well, might have been lucky but I remembered that this happened before so I did some tests. It turned out that the forts equipped with...
  11. Kraut

    Unit questions

    some questions: at turn 90 an allied Free Poland Tank army is bound to deploy in Warsaw ??? Huh, are they supposed to be part of the free polish forces who fought alongside the other allied forces after Poland surrendered ? Than they should deploy in the UK. Or are they supposed to be part of...
  12. Kraut

    Fleet reconstitution

    I just had it in a game with mantis that one of my RN fleets (Force H) reconstituted next to Suez. Suez is in the Hands of evil Mantis and he consequently sunk them before I had a chance to react. Well, this strikes me as extremely odd, first the place: I somehow doubt that the US had...
  13. Kraut


    It strikes me as odd that the germans have to build their Westwall via a TO while the french have their Maginot line from the beginning. If the Westwall had been a hypothetical construction like the northern maginot line I'd understand that but the Westwall was constructed from 1936-1940 and...
  14. Kraut

    Europe Aflame 1.8c

    here is a short AAR fro my latest EA game. -------- July 22nd, 1939 Poland is attacked by coward german forces, we will never surrender ! July 29th, 1939 France and the UK declare war on Germany, comrade Stalin liberates the Baltic States Comrade Stalin also ordered his forces to...
  15. Kraut

    Malta-Sicily supply situation

    at the moment the supply point is in Malta and the allies in sicily will rescive their supply via a sea road from malta. Now, if the Axis controlls Malta they thereby prevent an allied invasion into Italy because there is no supply available. But if we put the supply point on the sea road than...
  16. Kraut

    France 1940

    In one of my EA I'm the allied and at the moment the germans are flooding into France. In the north I was able to hold my lines and there isn't too much going on right now. But the germans broke through the south and are causing havok amog my defenders. Good thing is I got my ReOrg forces this...
  17. Kraut

    some more minor tweaks suggestions

    some more things I found that need some tweaking: The soviet 'Russian OOB 1 - 8 Army B' starts with Rifle AT- Squads that start production turn 186+ .. should have been normale rifle squads I guess. the small british fighter units have Battle planes as their first equipment, these Battles...
  18. Kraut

    Winter War

    In a EA I've invaded Finnland and I'm slowly pushing the finns back (my troops taking huuge losses while the finns only suffer minor losses .. the usual going). One thing that should be corrected is the tough swedish aid, as we've already found out the swed were far less powerfull early in the...
  19. Kraut

    Warning! Major bug in 1.8b and 1.8c !!

    I've discovered a major bug in EA 1.8b and 1.8c, event 45 (axis captures grozny) triggers an automatic player 1 victory ! It should be 'news only' !!
  20. Kraut

    Ideas for 1.8(d)

    1.8c is finished so letst start collecting ideas for 1.8d :D 100 turns after the Axis DoW Russia the Axis gets a TO to build the Ostwall. This assumes that things are going badly in the east and the axis starts preparations to defend their fatherland. As a penalty the axis replacent rate is...