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  1. Juzek

    Sniper target selection - Assault Boats

    A sniper is activated with a "2" and the initial target hex is empty but there is a choice between an assault boat in the river with no passengers or a squad with a leader in woods. Must the sniper attack the boat because of its lower TEM, or can it be considered an ineligible target? It is...
  2. Juzek

    EmRR and walls

    There was a discussion quite a while ago about EmRR (Hillocks) and walls, specifically if units on the EmRR can claim WA/HD from wall. The consensus, such it ever is on these things, was the wall rises from the base level of the hex, is not on the EmRR, so WA/HD cannot be claimed by a unit on...
  3. Juzek

    AP80 A Bloody Waste AA Gun

    The counter depiction fror the German AA gun on the card is labelled "Flak 30" (4 IFE, B11) but the factors in the picture match those of the Flak 38 (6 IFE, B12). I'm assuming the correct counter is the Flak 38. I don't see any errata for this.
  4. Juzek

    Winter Camo and Air Support

    Does the +1 for Winter Camouflage apply to a Air Support Sighting TC? The TC is taken at 4 hexes from the initial target hex, doubled for Aerial range. Does it apply to a Forgotten War TACP's DRM if the target hex is 8 or more hexes away? (accidentally posted in thevPerrySez Forum)
  5. Juzek

    Winter Camo and Air Support

    Does the +1 for Winter Camouflage apply to a Air Support Sighting TC? The TC is taken at 4 hexes from the initial target hex, doubled for Aerial range. Does it apply to a Forgotten War TACP's DRM if the target hex is 8 or more hexes away?
  6. Juzek

    A2.5 and "enter on/after..."

    When a scenario allows a reinforcement group to enter "on/after" a specific turn, can some of the units in the group enter on one turn while other units wait for a later turn? Or, must all the units in that group enter on the same turn? I think A2.5 means the latter, but I found a discussion of...
  7. Juzek

    Normandy trip

    I'm planning a trip to Normandy in May so does anyone have suggestions how to spend a couple of days with Bayeux as a hub? Looking for recommendations for museums, historic sites, tours, and tips for getting around.
  8. Juzek


    Broken squad with a lmg stacked with a leader and hero. In his MPh, the leader recovers the lmg from the broken squad, drops it in the hex, and continues his MPh. The hero then recovers the lmg. Can he do that? If so, can he also portage the lmg this MPh?
  9. Juzek

    Hey, who dropped this demo charge?

    The opponent moves a squad with a DC and places that DC in a location that contains a concealed enemy unit, surviving all DFF. The concealed unit does not fire so the DC is now operably placed in the location with the concealed unit. Later in the same MPh, another squad attempts to enter the...
  10. Juzek

    Play it again, Sam

    At WO this year I noticed a number of classic scenarios played, including two different replays of "Silence That Gun." It got me thinking that with all the scenarios out there, more than a person could play in a lifetime, what are the ones you've played more than once, or especially multiple...
  11. Juzek

    Another canister question

    Does bore-sighting apply in any way to an attack with canister? My guess is no, since canister can effect 3 hexes, but is it possible that if one of the hexes attacked is bore-sighted that hex will have the bore-sight DRM? Since canister is an IFT attack, not a to To Hit, I also guess that it...
  12. Juzek

    Mines, Step-Reduction, and Gunflashes

    Mine attacks cause a Gunflash if, among other things, they cause a unit to break (E1.83). Does the same thing apply when a full-strength Japanese squad is Step-reduced by failing a morale check due to a mine attack? Can't find anything in the forum or the Q&A that addresses this, but if it came...
  13. Juzek

    US Vehicle Note C and Elite status

    The US M3A1 37mm ATG and M3A1 75mm ART both use vehicle note "C," which increases their Canister Depletion number in the PTO by 3, to 10 and 7, respectively. If the US side is designated as Elite as well (C8.2), are those numbers increased an additional +1?
  14. Juzek

    Morning in Bougainville

    In the Dispatches scenario "Opening Battle For Hill 700," DB146, night rules are in effect for the first two game turns (rain too, but that's not relevant here. Rain ends on turn three). SSR 3 defines the Americans as Scenario Defender, and the Japanese as Scenario Attacker, despite setting up...
  15. Juzek

    Abrubt Elevation Changes/Double Crests

    Checking if I understand the Abrupt Elevation Change and Double Crest rules correctly. Using the image from Board 83: 1. The 4-5-8 in 8303 enters 83P3 with 2 MF, and spends 4 MF to enter 83N3. A fully-tracked vehicle would spend 2 MP to enter P3 and could not enter N3 (EXC: the British...
  16. Juzek

    DB144 Fontenay By Night

    Mike Daschbach and I decided to try this one from the newest Dispatches so we could be the first to report a result on ROAR. This scenario might not see a lot of play since it uses night rules and has bocage (hedges only). There isn't a lot of bocage to deal with, and in our playing it had...
  17. Juzek

    DB144 "Fontenay By Night" set up question

    British on board set up instructions say that they set up concealed, not cloaked (night rules in play, Brits are the Attacker). There is a captured German ATG in the OoB - can that gun and crew still set up HIP, or do they only set up concealed?
  18. Juzek

    Russian Vehicle Note J

    "This AFV may possibly carry smoke dischargers (sD) ... " Does "possibly" mean that sD availability has to be specified in an SSR?
  19. Juzek

    Desert Dummies

    While this thread could be referring to my lack of experience playing desert scenarios, my question is about setting up dummy counters on desert boards. The OB gives me 10 concealment counters, and the only concealment terrain is scrub, most of which are also in sand. At first I thought the idea...
  20. Juzek

    Happy 20th Anniversary MMP

    Those of us of a certain age remember the dark days of uncertainty about the future of the game when Monarch Avalon, Inc. sold their entire line of games to Hasbro, Inc. in 1998. It was just twenty years ago on January 15, 1999 that MMP reached an agreement with Hasbro "to develop, produce, and...