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  1. Binchois

    Trench in open ground set up question

    Correct. I don't think the trench matters here, as your AT Gun is setting up Emplaced. See A12.34: A12.34 ....An Emplaced Gun may also always use HIP if not in Concealment Terrain, provided it sets up out of the LOS of all enemy ground units — but must be placed onboard under a "?" as soon as a...
  2. Binchois

    Moving target?

    The +2 would apply: C6.1 CASE J; MOVING/MOTION VEHICULAR TARGET: Ordnance firing at a Dashing target (A4.63), or at a vehicle which has entered a new hex or used VBM (D2.3) during that Player Turn, or is/was in Motion status during that Player Turn, must add the +2 DRM of Case J to its To Hit...
  3. Binchois

    Do Conscripts cower with leader direction?

    I respect the OP question which is why I opened the RB to ascertain what the Good Book says. I think it is clear in this case. You are simply misreading A19. It does not say that Inexperienced Personal cower regardless of the direction of a leader. When an Inexperienced Unit is never discussed...
  4. Binchois

    MTRs vs AFVs?

    Definitely. HE can be a lot of trouble versus AFV, even if the chance to kill the AFV is small. Use C1.55. Your 1 AF AFV would be attacked on the 2FP (half of 6/50mm) column of the IFT with a -1 DRM for low AF vehicles. A KIA destroys the AFV (so DR 2), and a K/# or one greater than a K/# (DR 3...
  5. Binchois

    Do Conscripts cower with leader direction?

    I agree with Klas. An Inexperienced Unit will not cower if a leader is directing that fire. A19.33 only explains the effect of cowering for Inexperienced Units. It is also clear (complete with citation) that A7.9 still applies and governs whether or not the unit cowers: A19.33 COWERING...
  6. Binchois

    Building Location vs. Building

    Each level of a building is always a separate Location (including a Cellar, the Rooftop or a Steeple). Multiple levels never count as the same Building Location. Note also, that you cannot fortify an upper level Building Location unless all lower levels (from the ground up) are also fortified...
  7. Binchois

    SPOTTING for 2 Mortars

    According to C9.3, two mortars fired using the same spotter must fire at the same target. Their ROF is lowered by one for spotted fire as per C9.31: 9.3 SPOTTERS: ... One Good Order Personnel unit in the same or an adjacent hex to a mortar (regardless of vertical level distance and LOS) can be...
  8. Binchois

    Transfer of SW

    I believe this is true. All I can suggest is that dropping a SW is a truly free act - just take your hands off it. No need to move around the Location. OTOH, picking up the SW, or transferring it between units, requires some sort of movement within the Location. One unit would have to seek out...
  9. Binchois

    Transfer of SW

    SW Transfer is a concealment loss activity. The only actions that are EXCepted are included on the concealment table as well as under A12.141: A12.141 ACTIONS: Any other activity which a concealed unit engages in [EXC: operation of radio/field phone; taking a PAATC or Set DC NTC...
  10. Binchois

    B.6 Inherent Terrain - Vertex

    Does it? The LOS between X10 and BB9 should go through the midpoint of the Z9-Z10 hexside. Not through the Z9/Z10/AA10 vertex. Had the LOS gone through the vertex (as Klas explained), the Hindrance would be +2 (+1 for Z9 and AA10). As it passes through the Z9-Z10 hexside, the result is the same.
  11. Binchois

    Gun Recovery and CA change

    No. You can only change CA with a shot or at the end of a friendly fire phase that the weapon was eligible to non-Intensive fire. You can also change CA upon unloading, unlimbering, or pushing the weapon, which might be what you're thinking of. It's all in C3.22.
  12. Binchois

    Human Waves

    You are correct as confirmed in an older Q & A: Q. (A25.23) Can a Human Wave be declared on the basis of having a LOS only to an enemy concealed stack? A. Yes – a concealed/Dummy stack is still an enemy "unit".
  13. Binchois

    Collateral Attack

    Collateral attacks sound more complicated then they really are. You do not "declare a Specific Collateral" against anything. You either fire at the AFV specifically (by making a TH DR against it), or you fire a weapon more generally at the moving units (like a Mortar which fires at the entire...
  14. Binchois

    DC placement into a mine hex

    As far as I can tell, you are correct in all cases except the second. Concealment is lost since placing or setting a DC is considered one of "any other actions" - Concealment Table, CASE C. Throwing a DC is considered use of a SW - Case D. As for the minefields, there exist at least two Q&As...
  15. Binchois

    Wall Advantage, Fortified Buildings, and Guns

    Wall Advantage, when it can be claimed, is claimed "as part of" the MF expenditure (B9.322). So if the Gun has not and cannot claim WA, the moving unit will gain it immediately upon entering the Location. So no FFMO will apply in your case.
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    new member

    Welcome Gordo!
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    Strange LOS Q- which effects ? loss

    The units must be revealed as usual. This is because A12.15 governs this situation which has no LOS requirements: A12.15 DETECTION: Concealment can also be lost due to attempted enemy movement (not advance) into a concealed unit's Location. Whenever a non-berserk enemy infantry/non-charging...
  18. Binchois

    LOS and of hindrance of inherent terrain Vertex_

    You caught me in mid-edit! ... Really, folks should wait 15 minutes before responding to my posts! I usually write all stream-of-conscience like. Post. Then spend the next 5 minutes actually thinking about things for real.? The finished product only comes later, but I hope it is worth the wait! ?
  19. Binchois

    LOS and of hindrance of inherent terrain Vertex_

    The hindrance applies since the vertex is part of the hexside which is part of the hex as per the definition of Hex in the index: Hex (the area Inside the six hexsides which compose a hex, including those hexsides and their vertices)... This is true in spite of the fact that the unit is...
  20. Binchois

    AREA fire and mortars...

    A mortar hit always uses half its caliber's IFT equivalent FP unless a CH is achieved (C3.33). This isn't really "Area Fire" as defined by A7.63, rather just the result of a single gun/AFV/MTR firing limited rounds at a general area - that is, the result of USING THE ATT. Otherwise, I'm not...