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  1. Jim B

    Flooded grain hex

    Comment please on the consequences of flooded grain hexes as called for in SK S19. What is the reference in the rules?
  2. Jim B

    Online tournaments

    Given the ongoing worldwide plague, is there a chance some folks are organizing VASL tournaments?...especially SK-level tournaments for those of us still grappling with resids, LOS, and other such weighty matters. I'm new to the game, but would be happy to help someone whose done it before if...
  3. Jim B

    The near future...

    Are there VASL SK tournaments planned for this fall? "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
  4. Jim B

    SK smoke question

    In the PFPh, a German 81mm mortar wants to place smoke to screen infantry MPh movement. Is it a matter of declaring the target hex as area fire, rolling 7 or less (assuming no DRMs, range or LOS issues), and with that hex thus acquired, simply placing the smoke counter in the hex, or do I have...
  5. Jim B

    Two questions

    I am a veteran of nearly 6 SK1 scenarios (hushed awe reverberates through the ether), played against a very, very patient mentor. So, two questions: 1. I notice on the VASL site when you enter the 'main room,' there's an indicator for someone looking for a game....I've yet to see that...
  6. Jim B

    Basic questions for today

    Basic question from a boot, I'll have a bunch of 'em today...#1 Can a mmg or hmg fire after moving in the MPh in the AFPh?
  7. Jim B

    Starter Kit Warrior-Gods sought

    I'm very lucky to have found two great, patient mentors who are kindly helping me up through the SK ranks. I'm looking for U.S. and International players who enjoy the starter kit trenches (SK#1 and SK#2 so far). I'm retired, so time zones are no problem. Skype. The constant thrashing background...
  8. Jim B

    New member

    Hi Folks: I am so grateful for this site and the VASL site. Played the original SQUAD LEADER back in '79. Now I am wading through the SK#1 rules and looking for patient mentors who would play increasingly difficult SK #1-4 scenarios on VASL, and help me outsmart things like CX and DM. Also...