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    Playing the SASL system against itself

    Apologies if this has been covered before. How would the SASL cope with the system playing both sides in a Mission? Some changes would have to be made to an existing mission (or a new mission invented) but I'm interested to see if it would work. For example, Mission 1 Cautious Advance, you could...
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    Enemy Vehicle Movement Question

    Hi all, I am playing my 3rd attempt at Cautious Advance and the German enemy has generated 2 PSW222 Armoured Cars. One of them got Movement Order A4c, DR 8 - "If Known Target exists, see Move Command 5-6. If no Known Target exists, move towards the FBE, expending double normal MP cost for each...
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    Random Direction Movement - ENEMY wandering aimlessly?

    Hello all. I have just acquired SASL 2nd Ed. by fantastic deal and am enjoying getting back into it (I bought the 1st Ed. when it was first released in the 90s). I played the first mission - Cautious Advance, where the ENEMY is in hold attitude. The random direction hex rosette in hold attitude...